Trenton Wieties, Collinsville Illinois, Married Cheater with STD

Uses fake name – he told me it was travis snow. His real name is Trent or Trenton Wieties and he is married to Sarah Wieties and they live in Collinsville Illinois He snap chat with me for a month. Gave me his number and we spoke almost every day. Told me he was single and in Military. Even told me his wife cheated and left him for another man. Convinced me to meet him at cheap hotel in Springfield. After meeting we ended up being sexual. He doesn’t use protection and once he was done which doesn’t take long he left to go get us some food. He never came back. He turned off his phone number and blocked me on snap. This guy is a s*x addict from what I have found online. Many say he has STD and does this on a regular basis. He has made me feel cheap and worthless and I will never forgive him. I am going to be tested and hope I didn’t catch anything as many others online say they have. Don’t trust him ever. He is a liar and cheat

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