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Rene Whipple Olivas, Arizona

Rene, I think you should know your husband calls you his ex. He later admitted you are still married but tells people you are average looking and that you got fat after you got married. He claims you meet guys online and have cheated on him multiple time. I guess that why feels entitled to cheat on you. I went to school with you both. I’m sorry I cannot identify myself because my friend does biz with your husband but I just feel like I need to warn you. I heard he’s been dating at least one girl for several years. My friend said she does p**n or is like a escort or stripper or something. I just wanted to let you know because he is probably gonna give you an STD or something. My friend said to stay out of it but I think you have a right to know. My ex cheated on me for s so I know how devastating that is but thank g*d I never got a disease. It was an unplanned pregnancy that gave them away. Be safe woman!