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Eli Tarry & Colleen Marie Sweeny, Maryland

The B*****d named Eli left his kids to be with a 45 years old cracker trailer trash prostitute named colleen who has her own b*****d kid. And the prostitute is calling and harassing his kids mom over the phone and online. That disgusting dog f****r thinks she hits the lottery! Hahaha! A guy who abandoned his kids to be with you a filthy prostitute trump supporter is nothing to be proud of, you disgusting animal rapist prostitute cracker!

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That pic was taken a long time ago when she was sober for a few weeks and that pic is super edited. So she looks more like a pile of dog s*** now with missing teeth and a pot belly!

Colleen Marie Sweeny

Hey there Colleen you are one desperate old nasty cracker with an old beat up and dry p*$$y. You have some nerves to be getting on Eli’s phone to call his kids mother who had no business eith you you goofy old b****! I feel sorry for you and must feel very threaten by a more youthful beautiful woman and you are way beneath her in so many ways and that’s why you won’t stop harassing her from her gtom her kids father phone you scare white trash. She has no business with you and she doesn’t know you or care yo know you. But you’re constantly picking up her kids father phone to harass her. But let’s face it, you are intimidated and scared shitless and your life must be very miserable you pathetic animal rapist! Get a f****** life and stay out of Eli’s business with his kids mother! He’s not married to you old f*** so stop getting in the middle of his business with babys mom! Stop sneaking on his phone to text and harass her, you f****** beast! We know you’re into b********y and zoophilia and coprophilia! You’re not even human and that’s why you have fur just like dogs!

He spent the night last weekend parked in front of her house from 11pm til 6am begging her to give him a chance because he has strong love for her and wanted reconcile with her. But she told him to go away because she doesn’t take crackers sloppy seconds and you have contaminated him so therefore she doesn’t want him. But you’re more than welcome to take her sloppy seconds as you should because you are beneath her. When he goes missing for days that’s because he’s with. You’re a Republican trash trump supporter with a b*****d son and f****** nggrs. Doesn’t get any trashier than that you nasty puta! So do yourself a big favor and stay the f*** out of Eli’s business with his babys mom. He’s just f****** you for the time being and he’s not married to you! And once he gets tired of your old dried up p*$$y he will move on to a young youthful woman who is fertile and not boring with a dried up p*ssy like yours. You’re 44 years old and you’re too old for drama so stay in your lane you nasty trailer trash reject animal rapist and s*** eating cracker!

Colleen Marie Sweeny, New Jersey

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