Steve Badger Dallas Texas Dallas County

He said his name was Jamie. I slept with this guy after like 6 months of him bugging me. Turns out his was married and has kids. He completely used me. This guy is trash and a liar. He also has a tiny p***s!!!!! OMG!!! I can’t believe I let this trash use me. I’m 19 and I worked at sonic. This guy drove up in his blue surburbian every week getting a red bull slush and bragging about how he was a powerful lawyer. He kept asking me out and I’m like all you are old. He said he was an insurance lawyer at some law firm. That he was so good and rich. He steals money and screws over people. He kept saying that I was so beautiful and that he was going to take care of me. That I could quit my job at sonic and that he was going to buy me a new car and all that. Finally after he asked like ten times I gave him my phone and like he wouldn’t stop texting me. He was all like I’m so beautiful and he kept sending me pictures of his c**k. He’s old enough to be my dad!!! So GROSS. HE ISN’T EVEN WORKING WITH MUCH DOWN THERE IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MAEN. He said that hes was this big shot guy that worked at Zelle and that he was all over everywhere. I was like okay…. Finally I went out with him to a bar and the s**t face gets me drunk like really bad. I’m not even old enough to drink alcohol and hes all giving the bartendar hundreds says shut up. i’m all light headed and not knowing what i’m doing and he completely takes advantage of me. I wake up in a weird place all nakid and hes all taking to his wife when he thinks im asleep. this guy is a creap. dont take drinks from him. if you see him run awayyyy.

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