Stanford “Mac” McKoy, New Jersey

If his mouth is moving, he is lying. Had a beautiful wife and three children! Lies about: Place of employment – World Bank – Reality = Dept. of Energy Value of his home – Said $800K – Reality = $345K NFL career with New England Patriots – LIE – Never Played for Them! Yacht – Never Owned a yacht Amount of Money in 3 Banks – Little to none! Places he’s lived (said he lived in an exclusive development in Prince George County Maryland) LIE! Never lived in his basement – “in house separation for 10 years” was a LIE Military Service – LIE Military Intelligence Officer – LIE Successful IT Business – LIE Says he’s a single Dad – LIE (minor kid is with him for 6 Months out of the year and with her mom for 6 months out of the year). Said he went to high school in Georgetown, DC – LIE Said he worked at the National Security Agency Ft. Mead Md. LIE Said he was divorced many years ago – LIE His Wife was granted an absolute divorce in Maryland – Google the definition – he lies about this too! Drives around in a Mercedes S550 fronting to pick up women Weighs approx. 323lbs – OVERWEIGHT LOVER! Seeks women who may be vulnerable to use them for money and status! STAY CLEAR of This Piece of S***!!

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