Richard Semmelhaack Shefford. Quebec, Canada

Here’s the scheme…he likes to sleep right and left unprotected even though he’s always has a girlfriend at the same time… he thrives from ”making fat women” (he really prefers the fat ones) feel like they’re precious and special. What’s gross is he has his girlfriend babysit his daughter while he is out on the prowl !!!!!

He’s patient and makes the girls fall for him then he hunts and fishes another and another until one hooks to his sexting… yet he never keeps his promises and lies about everything and is never a man enough to ADMIT anything he did wrong (like would never just break it off before or admit of cheating … NEVER ! no b***s !)

Just recently had a girlfriend and was bridging other women and even had two girlfriends at the same time and the former girlfriend got pregnant meanwhile and he just doesn’t care… like this situation is fine. And this is how it happens over and over again with every single one of his former girlfriends !

He even brought his new girlfriend to sleep over while his ex and his daughter were all at the same time under the same roof… the kid went like NO ! this is horrible ! What kind of moron would do this to his kid …?

STD testings were required but he’s like…ya maybe I’ll do one maybe I won’t … disgusting.

Especially knowing that his present girlfriend got vaginal warts not too long ago…who knows if they were treated or not…

Also wondering if sleeping with another man was the issue… anyways who needs masturbation when you can do it this way !!

And seriously in bed…not worth the squirt from any p***y… for those who do squirt !

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