Rhonda Erwin 1919 Lexington Ave. Lexington, Ohio 44907

Rhonda and I met at a local bar, she was out with a bunch of girls from work at Morrow County Hospital where she is a respiratory therapist, anyway we hit it off very well.
We danced the night away and talked about a bunch of things. When I walked her out to her Jeep we made out like 18 year olds.. she asked me to sit in her jeep and we continued to fool around.. well I was was playing with her little t*****s and they were like a 16 year old girl, not a woman’s t**s but just little baby ones…
I felt my c**k was ready to explode when she started rubbing it and son she unzipped my jeans and pulled out my hard c**k… She started stroking it and soon her mouth was sucking my hard c**k off… She was good I must say… she could take it all in and baby I am 8 inches of Texas raised beef baby !
Well after she sucked me dry we made a date for the following night.
She met me at my house and with in 10 minutes her jeans were off and we were in bed… She sucked me off again and I was still hard so she climbed up on my c**k and rode me like there was no tomorrow. I smacked her a*s as she rode my hard c**k and it excited her even more, I mean the b***h rode me like she was f*****g for the first time !
But it was funny as when she c**s she is real quite and I asked her about it and she told me how usually she f***s men in her house and her daughter is in the next room so she has learned to be very quiet.
She was a great suck and f**k I will tell you, then about a month later, she calls me and calls it off… I asked why and she said she found another guy…. Oh well she was a good piece of a*s….
A few weeks later I got these tiny bumps on my c**k and when I went to the doctor I found out it was warts… the B I T C H had given me an STD !
I called the C U N T and told her about it and she said it wasn’t her and I got it from another woman, I explained to her I was married and she was the only woman I screwed in a year….. Well she said if I called her again she would call the police and say I was harassing her… so I stopped as this chick is a nut ! I have read so much about the b***h I wish I had never let her suck my c**k and f**k that nasty p***y !
So I say STAY AWAY from the C U N T or you will pay…. but still a good b*****b and f**k !

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