RD Miles Greenville SC-Homewrecker, Liar, ConMan-NateHillAVL

He is an unsavory, deviant who helped to make my stepdaughter homeless. Has no remorse for his actions. He and Nate Hill are also racists, sexists and prejudiced and made it clear he thought what I had to say was unimportant because I’m a black man. He said slavery should never have ended, the holocaust was made up by the jews, gays should be put on an island by themselves and everyone else should be sent back to their home country. He supports the KKK, hate groups & said Nate does too. He cost my brother and nephew alot of money(45-50k) when he put him in touch with the man that sold a crappy RV and lied about it saying it was in perfect running condition which was a lie. It needed major work & had to be sent back to factory. He helped a church member throw my stepdaughter’s stuff out on the front lawn engaging in what is an illegal eviction. He came up with the idea to lie about church member’s property thinking my stepdaughter wouldn’t know they didn’t own said property which she didn’t. RD is a criminal(felon) convicted of embezzlement, arson, tax evasion, superannuation fraud and indictable assault, indecent dealings in Australia, also a known paraphilic with STD’s. He was run out of Canberra and Queensland for conning women out of their money. He was refused re-entrance into New Zealand after an 81 year old woman reported that he stole 110,000 AUD. She wasn’t the first. He stole 66,400 NZD from a 78 year old lonely, widowed woman he met by posting for yard work then ingratiated himself to her & concocted a story of needing to get to Sweden for his daughter. He said his parents were rich and owned a number of holiday houses and would pay her back as soon as they got back from their vacation. All lies. He never knew his dad and his Mum is dead. He is a con artist. This is the man Nate Hill Fletcher NC aka Nathaniel Elliott Hill-Asheville NC who works for Upward Christian Fellowship Flat Rock NC does the bidding for along with said church member & others. They are all lowlife’s, not fit for society, fleecers, flimflammers and hypocrites without a moral compass. This is only a very short excerpt of RD Miles and helping with Nate & others to make my stepdaughter homeless. Because of Nate Hill, his church UCF, a church member and RD, my brother had to buy an RV instead of paying for his kids college tuition which trumps everything but he couldn’t sit by while she slept in the woods. RD & church member said living in a car isn’t homelessness. Nate Hill hid behind the bible. And even justified their racist, sexist attitudes with scriptures. They are all terrible people. Avoid RD Miles Greenville SC and his church Upward Christian Fellowship Flat Rock NC & his Jr pastor Nate Hill Fletcher NC aka Nathaniel Elliott Hill like the plague. They are all bad people who are corrupt, greedy hypocrites. RD miles is a lying, con artist and cheater. He uses adult sites/social media/dating sites like twitter/facebook/OKCupid/POF/Tinder/Match/Ashley Madison to find married women & others he can woo and steal their money. Uses the usernames RDMilesAVL, NateHillAVL, RDMilesGVL & sometimes uses numbers. He says he’s free from STD’s but this is a lie. He suffers from genital herpes and has had numerous other sexually transmitted diseases.

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