Princess riana chuka , Los Angeles

Public announcement everyone this w***e of destroyed my friends marriage slept with my friends husband chinonso nmaraeme also her own mother is sleeping with chinonso nmaraeme. This w***e named princess and her family packed their bags and moved in with my friends husband destroying the kids and family that they have together coming around my friends child care parading around with my friends husband happy that she destroyed a marriage and two kids having two parents yet happy that her parents are still married having her cake and eating it too playing house and step mom to a child that isn’t hers let’s all make the whole world know since she loves whoring herself around with married men and men who aren’t her age prostituting herself and her family okay with it all because they are broke destroyer opportunistic who use people for shelter and money because they live in a one bedroom apartment with 8 people in it and can’t afford anything calling everyone uncle while they have s*x with them destroying families and using people breaking up homes marriages just for fun using the people’s kids to get what they want and put their foot in and get themselves settled into a home that isn’t theirs.instagram : itzriyahna
Facebook: Riana chuka
Since they love destroying marriages and home and using people for money every go help her out since she loves destroying families and using people for money . Princess also pretends to be a virgin when she’s not calls everyone uncle while having sexual relationship with them and using people for money and whatever she and her family can get from them. Here is her number since she loves older men married men and breaking up families also an attention seeking prostitute who will do anything for money attention just like she destroyed my friends marriage family and the two kids having a father in their life happy that she is with a still married man moved into his apartment with her siblings and family members her. Family disguises their real intentions by using the kids to trap people and saying that they are a church goers when they are manipulative lying two face back stabbing homewrecker family destroyers princess riana chuka phone number 5623915817

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