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Meagan Elaine Jenkins, Brandon, Florida

10 Months ago I met Meagan Elaine Jenkins on a site called Plenty of Fish and I thought I had found paradise in a gorgeous pregnant woman. She was 4 months pregnant and the guy who knocked her up was apparently out of the picture. Towards the end of the relationship in February 2012, I noticed texts coming from a guy names Chris on her phone. When I asked her about it, she said it was just a friend. A week later, Meagan admitted that was her baby’s father and thats when the lying was noticed. Meagan told me that she was done with me and she fell out of love with me. I asked her how long she had been feeling like this and she stated 2 weeks. The same time that her ex was contacting her. This cheater left me for the guy who knocked her up and wanted nothing to do with her the entire 10 month pregnancy. I was severely fooled and Meagan left me for a piece of c**p. This is something out of a Jerry Springer episode. I was humiliated, used and Meagan’s answer to dumping me was, “It Happens”.

Cole Barnes, Medford, Oregon

Cole Barnes is a born again christian who’s a liar, sexist, and abusive. Only wants short “relationships” to show off and use the girl. He’s in a christian band, he sucks at work and school. Don’t fall for his bs. I did. He never cared about my problems. He’s hateful and loves to argue. Cole cuts himself and has written to me in blood when he was mad. He’d call me a b***h, hypocrite, or s**t a lot. He told our friends I cheated and that my friend tried to fight him. He took my friends after he spread rumors about me. He abuses cough syrup and expects pity. He was fired because he kept going on myspace. He told everyone he was gay but later became homophobic. He pretends to have a wide taste and knowledge of music. Don’t let him charm you, he likes breaking hearts.

Wendell Dupree, Charlotte, North Carolina

I met Wendell when I moved to Charlotte in 2010. I ride the bus and he is a bus driver. I’ve known him for about 2 years. A few months ago, at the beginning of 2012, I decided to give him a chance. He was really nice and seemed genuinely interested in me. I told him I don’t believe in fornication, but after a few visits, I got weak. We had s*x, and afterwards I cried because I felt like I had disappointed G*d. Well, Wendell takes me in his arms and proceeds to pray for our forgiveness. I thought, Wow! He really can pray. Needless to say, I began to have feelings for him. He would text me and call me on a regular basis. He would even text me good morning. He would tell me how beautiful I am and how much of a temptation I am to him. I thought I found the one for me. After about our 3rd time having s*x, the calls ceased and the text messages stopped. The lies became overwhelming, not knowing they were lies. He would use his children to have an excuse for not coming to visit. I found myself begging him to contact me and take me out. He never did. I wanted to know if he was seeing other women so I used a cell phone that he didn’t know about and texted him as a mystery woman. He made arrangements to meet with her for s*x. He didn’t even know her name. I gave him a fictitious address and I’m assuming he went to that address because he kept texting trying to get directions to her place. I later confronted him and showed him the text messages from that phone. He looked me right in my face and lied.
When he got tired of me and wanted to get rid of me, he offered me up to one of his fellow bus drivers. I was so hurt because he treated me like a piece of trash. Now he wants to call the police on me because I keep texting him trying to find out why he treated me like c**p. Ladies in Charlotte, please heed this warning: Wendell Dupree is no good. He will be everything you’re looking for until he’s satisfied his craving for s*x from you. Then he will discard you like trash. He reminds me of the Devil. He steals, kills and destroys.

Graham J Hooper, Sunset Beach, California

Met him 2009 in Newport Coast. He told me how desperate he was to mend his ways and find a wife. After 5 months we move in together – but by March of 2010 he is cheating on me and throws me out. I move back to LA and oddly this guy now goes and gets an apartment in downtown LA just two months later. He tells me he made a big mistake and he is so in love (he must have meant with himself)- but he travels all the time so it is so hard for him to “work things out”. He also says things are so impossible because his daughter is here now- saying crazy stuff like he can’t let his 23 year old daughter (Samantha Hooper) know we are dating or she will go back to England. Dec. 2010 he starts calling me non stop wanting phone s*x and texting me really degrading things. I break it off. Mid- January 2011 he shows up at my house begging me to take him back and promises me his Range Rover/ “he has now really learned he can’t be without me”. It’s all week-end trips and staying in hotels constantly- he says its because he lost his apartment. He takes me to Sunset Beach in April 2011. We stay in a hotel and he shows me homes asking me if I would consider moving there with him. I go away for work for a month and he tells me he bought a wonderful house for us to move into together when I return home. Only when we return home- I find out this guy has actually been married from November 2010- April 15 2011 to Sahar M. F. and he bought this house for them in Dec 2010. (told me June he only knew her 1 week before marriage and over by about New Years. January 2012 this guy comes back once again saying how much he loves me and need to be with me. I said fine sceptically. February he starts acting really edgy when I am at the house. Things seem weird and we have “serious relationship talk”- he starts crying and saying I should only be seeing him. Only now it is quite obvious he is cheating again (or always) because he can never seem to pick up the phone on the weekends (always because of his his daughter). April 4 I show up at his house unannounced and he happens to be pulling in the driveway. When he sees me he barrels away in his car at about 100 mph. He comes back furious I stopped by- admits he lied, was cheating and wrote me a check for $10,000 for money he owed over the past three years. Not unsurprisingly- the check bounced. This guy lives in a 2 million dollar house. He has the money. He’s just trying to string me along once again.

Jamie Lee Glenn, Cohoes, New York

My wife, jamie lee glenn or carter if she switched it the last name on facebook. She has cheated on me less than a year in the marriage and i didnt find out till 8 months later. I kicked her out 3 months ago so she can get her head straight so we can get back together. But i just asked her to be honest and tell me if she had been seeing someone while she was down at her sisters. She said yes and she had s*x with someone. Her name is jamie lee glenn, which is my last name, but her real last name is carter. Her and i are both lived in montgomery city missouri and swhe brought me up to albany new york and left me here high and dry. Im reporting my soon to be ex wife bc she is a slutty, no good, back stabbing w***e. Please for the love of g*d, do not date this woman.

Jon swearingen la Quinta Bermuda dunes Indian wells California

I was in a relationship with this guy for about 8 years only to find out he had been in another relationship at the same time with another girl for half that time. He gave me an STD which means he cheated more than once since I get tested yearly. Recently one of his current girlfriends hit me up on Facebook telling me he had been cheating on her and wanted to know details from OUR relationship. Nothing but pure drama! This guy will never change. One time we broke up because I caught him texting a girl he had in his phone under “big t*t s**t” and another under “best b******b”. He seems normal at first and knows how to charm you and LIE but don’t be fooled! He will lie until you catch him red-handed and unfortunately for me I believed the lies for 8 years!! Please don’t waste precious time like I did. I had to move across the country to finally get rid of him.

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