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John M Saxon, Ashland, Alabama

He is nothing but a womanizer. Very good looking and has a way of making you feel like you are the most beautiful woman in the world, but all the time, he has other women on the side. I know he was seeing at least 2 other women at the same time he was seeing…

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Jack Boyle, Adelaide, Australia

Jack Boyle… originally from Scone now residing in Adelaide. DONT DATE HIM. He will make you think your the one only to be dating numerous other women at the same time. He will make excuses and lie the entire time. He wont use condoms and has given girls STI’s. When you find out or work…

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Jon Titus, Cleveland, Ohio

Age: 41” “Race: White” “Jon Titus This low life is living with a girl named Annette and he is a player. He is sleeping with an x friend who is a male. He would go out to the local bar and then he would end up at my x friend’s house where the two of…

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Jeff Syder “Ronin”

This man is 51, he will disguise his age and even lie about it. He likes his girls half his age and he’ll talk you into trusting everything he says. He’ll claim to be a Marine who joined the Seals and then was forced out for “not following orders and killing people”. He’ll claim that…

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Reginald Geese, New York

this liar and i were dating on the verge of marriage when i happened to become sick and had to go to the hospital now i have a sick daughter who has to take meds and when i went to the er i thought it would be a in and out case so to speak…

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