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Jennifer Muirhead, Madison, Mississippi

We live in Madison, Mississippi and my husband of 15 years has been cheating with this s**t. My husband’s name showed up on Ashley Madison list and so I hired a PI before telling him. PI found out she has slept with several husbands over the last 3-4 years. She even got married during this time period. The PI also was able to get deleted text messages between the two of them. She doesn’t want my ex-husband since she has her own husband. She just wanted to destroy my marriage and have s*x with my ex-husband. Hope it was worth it. A couple of sessions of s*x was worth wrecking a family over.

Tracy Newman Weatherford

Do not go anywhere near this woman. She dates polyamorous men and she has frequent gang bangs at a place called, “Eyes Wide Shut” in Brandon, Fl. Ask anyone in town, because we have all seen her in there. She works for a bank called Wells Fargo and this person will cheat on you, lie to you and more than likely give you something if you sleep with her because she doesn’t use condoms. I saw her on one of these sites before and didnt care much, but I wish I had…..Stay far away from Tracy Newman Weatherford and she will claim that others are out to get her or they are lying about her, but she is a two faced douche! She lives in Wesley Chapel and frequents dating sites like POF, AFF, and OK Cupid to find her s*x toys……She is gross!!!!!

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