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Jimmy Vo, San Francisco, California

Don’t waste your time on this one. He is a liar and has no problem with breaking your heart over and over. It has been proven numerous times that this person cannot be trusted. Do not expect anything monogamous from this person – he is not the most loyal. His type of work requires him to travel out of state, where he most likely updates his OK Cupid profile to match his current geographic location to meet up with others for quick s*x/hook up, etc. His OK Cupid username is ENFP716 (currently his location shows as Melbourne, Australia, although when originally found – his location was set to Las Vegas, NV). Regardless, consider this as a warning and do not waste your time on this cheater. He has proven to be a liar for the last 4 years and will continue to lie and stomp hearts wherever he goes.

Ernesto Jimenez, Buckeye, Arizona

Ernesto Jimenez is married but likes to date strippers, he is a constant cheater when I meet him he told me that he was no longer with his wife and all along they were still together I feel sorry for her if she only knew what a dog and lying person he is ..he is constantly cheating he likes to date gold diggers so I will say this is the man because he will buy you whatever you like and a bonus if your a stripper.. hes a washed up wanna be rap singer so much for talent. Ladies beware of this constant cheater he thinks he is a smooth talker.

check out his low budget video with those strippers a few of them he cheated on his wife with. and this is not including myself.

Vernon Matthew Blazor, Boise, Idaho

Vernon Matthew Blazor D.O.B. 5/5/1987 may seem charming and sweet cause h**l tell you everything you want to hear. However all he wants to do is f**k and rob you and everything you love. He hunts for single moms or broken women and ruins life’s He will pretend to love you and care about you long enough to get his claws in then he shreds you to pieces. He steals anything not bolted down from you your friends family, even his family and friends. He stole from his dear little grandma and his own mother. He lies constantly about everything under the sun. He tries to alienate you from friends and family. He doesn’t want you to meet his friends or family cause he doesn’t want people to find out his lies, but you will because he is very stupid and careless. He has attacked many women and left one disabled. He cheats every chance he gets online phone in person. He is diseased although h**l lie and say his blood type is immune to cheat. He will ruin your life and laugh. DO NOT LET HIM IN HE IS THE EPITOME OF EVIL.

Christina Kovalsick, Edgewood, Maryland

This girl lead a friend of mine on. She met him online and within 30 days tells the dude she loves him Mind you, she has never been in a relationship before, she claims. So, she leads this guy on, all the while talking to this other guys she was having s*x with, after telling him she loves him I mean, then he finds out she has been with 50 guys in four years, and tells this guy she was looking for a relationship Come on. She has 2 children, and where are the fathers Not to be found. Something is wrong with this girl. And all of these men were one night stands. This girl is nothing more than a pathological liar and a cheater. A master manipulator who strings people along, with the intention of mind using them for s*x. She works on a military base, and have even admitted to sleeping with men on the job. I wish I had some naked pics of this chick. I just want people to know what they are getting into. This chick is terrible. Wallet sucker as well. My friend took her out to eat, and paid the tab, and she is sitting there eyeing every man that walked by down. This chick is some w***e!!!!!


Jason McCutcheon, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Cheats on his wife of 11 years. Got caught with a girl living with him in his hotel room while working out of town. Hes a pro at lying. Who knows how many other times that its happened throughout the years. What a dirt bag! Been caught cheating several times throughout the years. Not trustworthy at all.


Alex Vorgias, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Alex Vorgias. huge cokehead… and he will NEVER get it up… He is f*****g crazy. he slit my tires and stalked the h**l out of me.

If he is off his meds, all I can say is run and run fast!


He has held me down and not let me breath, he has held me hostage in my own home for hours on end and to top it all off he likes men better than he does women anyway! grossssssssss

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