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He is going to tell you about his military experience…. he never graduated high school. He is gonna tell you are beautiful and he will need a place to stay…. he doesn’t work he makes excuses to his boss how he can’t bc of his kid but he isn’t allowed to see his kid bc he can’t pass a drug test and wont show up to court to fight for his kid. He has no licnese he has never had a license. He has over 26 criminal charges. He is an avid pot smoker and will steal and lie for it he also is an opioid user. He is addicted to craigs list and several other sites and has multiple names on each such as jtttravis and anytbing to do with logging or the name junior etc.

Call me Avery

Caitlyn Lykins is a “transgender” “nonbinary” girl with autism who pushes her Christian, Catholic beliefs onto everyone she knows.
Hides behind anime profile pics. Demoralizes people whose lifestyles she disagrees with. Throws a fit and gets mad with anyone who “uses the wrong pronoun” or tells any joke about trans people.

She says she isn’t a girl yet romanticizes being a wife and mother with whatever sap is sorry enough to get with her.
Her current boyfriend was friends her most recent ex, and the two got together literally the day she broke up with the other guy. Hmmmm… 🤔
Since she has barely any friends IRL, she sticks to long distance, internet relationships.
You can find her on Facebook and Twitter, as those are the only real places she can garner the attention she so desperately craves.
Most of it is religious rants, stale memes and unflattering selfies. Occasionally there’s a well-executed jab at thots, but thots are an easy target and a low hanging fruit; where do you think we are?

Do not be fooled by her cutesy “weeb” facade, Caitlyn (or Avery, as she likes to be called) is a confused brat you shouldn’t waste your time on.

UwU deez nuts, Caitlyn.

Megan Nguyen Dallas Makeup Artist

Megan Nguyen is 37 yr old attempted home wrecker in Dallas. She does makeup and seduces clients husband on the wedding day. Megan filed bankruptcy twice and has a shopping addiction. The richest man becomes poor after dealing with her and fighting her false rape reports. She told my husband she was pregnant by him but she bought positive pregnancy test on Craigslist. She went to Parkland to get rape kit and said my husband did it. She got downright scary when her plan failed. She is desperate for money and tries to have standards that her guys make $200k per yr.

Becca Husselbee.

Becca Husselbee an employee at Caters News Agency is a racist who sexually harrasses Muslim women.

Racist filth Becca Husselbee who is into b********y and is a disgusting sexual predator has tried to hide her racism but she has been exposed in the links underneath.

Complete racist coward Becca Husselbee’s email address is [email protected]

Becca Husselbee’s father Steve Husselbee is also a racist who lives in Kingswinford, is employed by Fujitsu and is part of racist group Britain First (Photograph of racist Steve Husselbee)

Barry Libeling Nate Hill Fletcher NC-Nathaniel Elliott Hill-Asheville NC USA

Barry Conner has been slandering Nate Hill for weeks now because Nate is the reason his cash cow left his house. Barry was very angry about Nate making her leave & all the lies Nate told to get her out. Barry didn’t want his GF to leave but Nate said she had to go. He threatened to out his criminal past among other things. When Barry’s GF left the first time he was angry but the second time he vowed to make Nate’s life miserable and do everything he could to get him fired from the church. I was a close friend of Barry’s but got tired of listening to him rant & rave about making Nate & the church pay. This has come mostly by Barry spreading lies about Nate & posting on various websites along with his personal blogs. Barry claims he has no social media accounts but this is untrue. He uses aliases so no one will know he’s logging into p**n sites & trolling message boards/forums harassing/stalking women & sometimes men. He says he’s all man & only wants women but this isn’t true either. He’s had gay relationships and picks up his gay lovers at a LGBTQ bar in Asheville & online. I found messages/texts he was sharing with a man he’s been rendezvousing with at a local motel. The females he likes are young, real young, like 20 and easily manipulated that like older men, sugar daddies. Then Barry makes his live in GF pay his college girl’s way but the GF doesn’t know it. He likes to play baby daddy to these girls & tell them he’ll teach them how to be with a real man then turn them out. He told one girl that Nate was coming too & they liked threesomes & spreading this on adult websites with women he’s trying to hook up with. Claiming he & Nate are into bondage & Nate likes a dominatrix to spank him & a lot of other deviant sexual behaviors. Barry’s been spreading that Nate is a deviant/criminal/addict with gambling problems on all kinds of forums. He’s telling anyone that will listen about Nate’s divergent ways & saying he’s sick & twisted & if not pleased he will go psycho. Barry has been telling these bizarre stories all over & claiming no one will know it’s him. He’ll just blame an ex & keep posting these perverted accounts. He’s truly screwed up, spreads all sorts of BS about himself, his exes, coworkers, family, etc. He said his mother had to prostitute herself to pay the bills & have s*x with her boss to keep it because his dad was such a pothead he couldn’t hold down a job & was an abuser. This is typical talk for Barry. He says this stuff about everyone behind their back and right now it’s Nate Hill because he crossed him. He’ll even post c**p about people he meets in chat rooms. Barry Gueva Conner Hendersonville NC is a sociopath who is currently slandering/libeling Pastor Nate Hill Fletcher NC aka Nathaniel Elliott Hill-Asheville NC & Upward Christian Fellowship Flat Rock NC. If confronted Barry will deny all of it like the coward he is.

Doug d Jan

I knew this piece of c**p got 20 years. The sweet talked me out of 11,000.00 dollar with the promise and contract to pay me 20% interest. I am on her because I am sure I am not the first woman he scammed. 3 years later I am still fighting to get any money back. He goes by the name Doug Jan, Doug D Jan, Doug DJan, Doug D’Jan. There are others. He is American living in Canada. Not sure if he has a fixed address. I at one time heard he was married to a woman named Nicole. He is a big time scam artist and sells his trade by whoing women.

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