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kirstin danielle ducote Athens, GA

Kirstin Danielle Ducote is a w***e. She slept with my friend’s husband after knowing he was married. He attempted to tell her no but she would strip down in front of him. He is guilty too but this b***h blackmailed him into continuing to sleep with her. Not only was she f*****g my friend’s husband…

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Pierre Zarokian, Glendale, California

Pierre Zarokian of Glendale California is a horrible person. I’m his wife, my name is Angelina Zarokian and I have been married to him for more than a decade and given him two sons. We both live currently in Los Angelos, California and he doesn’t know that I know. We’re a very influential couple out…

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Remy aka Remberto velez jr.

He’s been lying and cheating on me for 2 years. Been Co Omg to my house on the weekends then profiled himself on online dating sites. Came back to me so his family could have a place to stay. Then left aftervthey did. But kept coming around sleeping with me. While lying and cheTing with…

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