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Lori Foster Mortimore, Lawton, MI

This woman Lori Foster Mortimore likes married men. She’s a drunk and Home Wrecker of the worst kind. She KNEW we were married 33 years and living together no separation. Her bf is my husband’s sister. They hooked up at his sister’s wedding after that she sent him her naked skanky pictures. I had NO idea. 6 weeks later he moved in with her. Now hes trying to get alimony from me!!! Wow. This is 2nd married man since her husband of 30 years died. She paid for both of their divorces. She thought my husband was going to get everything of ours and he isn’t. He lost his whole life and family. And got herpes from her! She is a predator. She’s proud of it! Don’t let her near your husband!

Jason Eugene Moore

Happily married cheating husband – I fell for this guy who I had no idea was married with 3 kids. He seemed so genuine and nice, professional and great job.I fee like a total sucker .all the signs were there, he said all the right things and then he told me he loves me which really was s mindscrew. Just breadcrumbing me along for two years. Nothing more than empty promises and s*x. I’m disgusted with myself for falling for it. I wonder if his wife Amber has a clue? Watch out for this guy

Betty A Davis. Craig, CO, USA

Betty works for a professional transport company that drives railroaders back and forth. There have been at least 4 married men that she has gone after in the past year and a half and 6-8 men whose marital status is unknown. She sends sexually explicit pictures and texts. She has been overheard saying she prefers them married so she doesn’t have to commit and they give her cash so their wives don’t find out and no trace of where the money is coming from. If your man works for the railroad on the western side of Colorado you should watch out for this one.

John R Soto

He was married cheating on his wife who I hear is sweet as can be would do for anyone help anyone.
He lied said he was single and his name was Jo.

Michael guiffre

This man can not be trusted! He is a pathological liar. He doesn’t have a backbone. He will ask you for money and never repay you back. He sleeps around with anything and anyone. His cell number is 917-567-9948 DO NOT TRUST HIM. HE TAKE HIS OWN MOTHERS TO THE CLEANERS AND HANG HER TO DRY

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