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Hamouda Miloudi. Fez Morocco

Always asks for expensive presents and if you do not send them he calls you a “w***e” and “liar”. I stupidly send him money for a nice leather jacket and he used the money for something else. In Morocco he spent $300.00 US in a week buying cloth and going out with friends. He claims he’s in school but can never do his homework because he needs money for WIFI. No job and zero intention of getting on. Spends his time with his friends and sleeping until 3pm. Oh and he’s such a good Muslim he’ll try to talk you into getting naked and letting him watch you use a vibrator on yourself during Ramadan.

Cheater, Michael Ray Brown, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Allegheny County

Mike is a know cheater, a w***e if you should call it. He has been cheating on his fiance for 12 years now along with his family. Mike has 2 other women, one of which he is engaged to and has a marriage license with. He is speaking to and texting at least 3 other woman. telling everyone he is going to be with them and that they are going to have a life together. he never straps up, he does not like condoms. Mike will do and say whatever he has to make sure he gets what he wants. Mike has already involved his children into the lives of his children. He has no respect for anyone or anything. all he cares about is getting his. Every woman out there should be very careful around this one he can make you believe anything he wants you to believe


Mike Brown is a know cheater. he has been cheating on his fiance and family for 12 years now. he is currently telling his fiance they are going to be together but he is sleeping with at least 2 other woman. One of which he is engaged to and got a marriage license with and he is texting/talking to at least 3 other women. Mike never straps up. He will use any woman he can to get what he wants. He has involved his children into the lives of these 2 other women. He is the most disrespectful man you will ever meet and he does not care who he hurts just as long as he gets his.

Dale Williams, Llanelli, South Wales, UK.

Dale cheated on his longtime live-in partner with me for 2 years. He never told me he had a girlfriend and when I found out he said that he has been cheating on her from the start of their relationship. He says he also cheated on his wife!! AVOID!!

William Joseph Fitzgerald Old Greenwich, CT

This man is the true definition of a psychopath. He has been married to Julie Fitzgerald since 1988. Both his sister and her sister have admitted that knew he had been cheating on her the whole time but never had proof. He has proposed to 2 women and left them at the alter bc he couldn’t legally marry them given he’s already married.
Whe confronted this man manipulates and lies his way in the most harmful manners.
Even to his colleagues he worked with at Rabobank.
When he lived in Amsterdam he would have his wife and family over one week and then invite multiple random women over the next in promises of marrying them and having kids.
He is dangerous and has been known to get violent behind closed doors.
His sister in law specifically said she was scared and that he would scream at Julie early on in their marriage because she was unable to have children.
He puts on an innocent, nice guy act. Showering people with gifts to win their affection.
He is the worst type of evil.

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