Misha S Kaura, USA

I am a student at UNSW in Australia. I got into a relationship with Misha Kaura, an American a while ago. We met late one night in a bar. Misha Kaura promised that she would help pay my educational debts if I wrote her assignments and online exams and tests for her and attended to her needs when she was in town. Misha Kaura has a strong preference (some might say a fetish) for white men, so I am able to fulfil that desire. Misha Kaura also told me stories about how she was abused by her mother, Monika Chopra Kaura as a child. Misha Kaura made me feel really special- I thought she was confiding in me. However, recently I realised that Misha Kaura tells these child abuse stories to just about everyone she meets and has “mail order” husbands in other countries as well. Misha Kaura promised that our relationship would be exclusive so I feel cheated on. I am in a better financial situation now so I can get out of this relationship with Misha Kaura. All I can say is that other guys should not be cheated by Misha Kaura in this way!

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