Megan Marie Chapple

look everything that you find on the internet is 120% truth. she will stop at nothing to try and convince you that you did not catch her in a lie but instead you must have heard wrong .She makes you feel sorry for voicing concerns or complaints. When you mention something that bothers you, this type of b***h a*s manipulators makes you feel sorry for bringing it up. You can never express your concerns without fear of reprisal. Her idea is to force you to keep your complaints to yourself and turn the focus back to her. It’s impossible to develop a trusting relationship with this type of b***h because you can’t talk about your feelings or ask for the change you need.
2):She deny something she said previously. Lying, exaggerating and understating the truth are all means of manipulationing a*s b*****s. Megan will distort the facts to bolster her own argument, making it impossible for you to prevail. She might agree to a condition and later refuse to admit she ever said that. When dividing up household chores, for example, someone might agree, or even volunteer, to mop the floor. When the floor is not cleaned and you bring it up, that person will claim to never have agreed to do it. This type of manipulator is always moving the goal and changing the conditions to keep you off balance.

3):she makes you feel guilty. A guilt trip is a classic emotional Megan tactic. Your actions are unreasonably tied to the happiness of Megan. When she tells you it’s okay to go out with your friends then continues saying that she will just sit at home all alone, that is a guilt trip. she wants you to feel sorry for her and choose to stay home instead. A guilt trip typically involves a tacit blame laid on the you for the benefit of the who else …you said it Megan

4)She will diminish your problems and highlight her own. Whenever you try to share your difficulties with Megan the manipulator, She makes your problems feel insignificant.she don’t express the appropriate sympathy for your situation. By highlighting her own problems — which she assume is much worse — she will force you to believe that your problems don’t matter. You may be manipulated into thinking the stress you are experiencing is not warranted and that you’re weak.

5):Megan the manipulator avoids responsibilities for her own conduct by blaming others for causing it. It’s not that Megan don’t understand responsibility is she does. Megan the manipulative type of woman just sees nothing wrong with refusing to take responsibility for their actions, even while making you take responsibility for yours. Ultimately she may try to get you to take responsibility for satisfying her needs, leaving no room for fulfilling yours.

6):If Megan put as much effort into being a good person as she does into pretending to be one, Shecould actually be a good person.

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