Lee dexter Kawelmacher. Stockton and Sonora California

This man is something else. He resides w a Kristina Ladd on Wagner in Stockton yet goes on pof and says he’s single. What kind of man has 6 pof profiles. He claims she is his neice. When he meets a woman he gives her the sad single dad act. And allegedly hacks their phones and allegedly steals their social sec number I know several women he has done this too. When he finally gets busted he has made death threats. Gruesome ones. He has a restraining order by one on him Bc he kept posting her in these sites. She didn’t know he was married and he had gone as far to make emails under her name and accuse her of felony kidnapping. All the while it was him. Anyone wanting to challenge me on this. I got proof I can post. This dude has aleegedly threatened to go to a cemetery and dig up one woman’s deceased parents. He had a restraining order on an entire cemetery. Can u say psycho loser

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