Kevin Christopher Poe and Johna Richelle Lehn Poe

This is Kevin Poe and his saddlebags wife Johna Lehn Poe. First, let me tell you about Kevin. He is a recovering alcoholic who is now some civil rights activist. Yet, those who REALLY know Kevin know he used to sling the N word around and make fun of Mexicans like the best of them. He hates Donald Trump but Kevin is worse than him. But…if its part of your job and you have to work to save money for your wifes funbags I guess you’ll pretend to be anything. In his free time he enjoys failing at writing articles, posting screaming for attention on Facebook and motorboating his mothers t*****s. He also coaches (horribly) a girls softball team yet rumor on the streets is Kevin likes to take photos of little girls. Tons of them in his phone. It’s a scary thought considering he’s with young girls frequently and his wife teaches kindergarten at Windsor. Terrifying. Ever heard the saying, “if a kid says you’re an a*****e you’re likely an a*****e?” Well, many children would tell you Kevin is an a*****e. He likes to try and scare people or send others to fight his battles but everyone knows the TRUE Kevin doesn’t even have a real dad. His real dad, his stepdad, his stepmom, and others of his family (yes even most children) can’t stand Kevin. He seems one way but get to know him after dark and you’ll see a different side. We all know Kevin is not as scary as he wishes to appear. He is an old middle aged man who has too much testosterone build up from not being able to get his rocks off anymore because his elderly mother lives in Farmington now. Sooo Kevin…are you with Johna for the photos of little kids? Or with Johna cuz her saggy tittaaays remind you of your elderly mother? Hmmm..which is it? Did Johna save your name from your DWI? Hmm…

KMFP out bwahaha.

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