Katherine Mary Werth of Aurora OH

WARNING STD INFECTED!! I am now dealing with the horrible disease of vaginal warts! This woman was a close friend. Always smiling, waving and talking to my husband and myself. My husband and I were best friends and always got along so well. We were very happy. Until she finally worked her magic and turned a good caring man into a cheating std carrying lier! It started out with her talking to him about surprises for me. Bdays, outings etc. she had a boyfriend who is a good sweet man, and I trusted her. My husband and I had a great day hanging out, going to dinner and making plans for the weekend. I went to run us some bubbly water for our romantic evening in when I wondered if he would like some candles lite. I came back into the living room and noticed that he slammed his phone closed really quickly and seemed very nervous. This actually scared me as I thought something must have happened to a family member and he really doesn’t want to tell me. Eventually, I took his phone only to find Kathy “Kat” calling he baby and wanting him to “please come over! He is away right now and I am really confused and missing you”! I was devistated! I asked him about it! “What’s going on?” He finally told me that he had been trying to break it off with her for a long time but she wouldn’t stop. He doesn’t know how she did it. He would never do this to me but somehow she made him feel like he had to help her and be there for her. This had been going on for a year! I wouldn’t have believed it ( him being so innocent) until he showed me the emails and other texts to her. He really was begging her to stop! He told her he loved me and he really likes her boyfriend and doesn’t want to loose me or have a problem with him. Needless to say, I contacted her! At first she tried to deny it but finally admitted it. She always called him and emailed him from her work email and phone. Only a couple from her cell so it didn’t look suspicious. The sickest part is she didn’t really want him. She only wanted to see if she could get him from me! She destroyed our marriage!! I have only been with three men in my life and my husband and I had been together for several years so I know this is where the std came from. I am not saying my name as I do not want to be shamed for this std but she is a man hunter and I hear that she is currently after another of her friends husband. I only know that they ride a Harley and the woman is a good woman! DO NOT TRUST THIS NASTY tramp!!! She will play like she loves you to death and even volunteers as the AFV. She lives at 955 Bryce ave in Aurora Ohio and works inside sales at Clifton Steele. I truly hope she doesn’t spread this disease any further and I pray that she doesn’t take the love away from this beautiful couple that she has her sites set on! They really are two beautiful people and do not deserve what she does! One day, I truly hope her significant other finds out that what she has been able to hid that he will not believe is the truth!

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