Jerry Saballus, California

Jerry Saballus is a master of deceit with trails of women all around him. He left his iPad behind one day and when I opened it to backup my pics I found a trail of phone calls, messages, google map address searches, emails to at least four other women who he had been reconnecting with in the past two days. I saw that he had been having hook up’s with women he met at gas stations, on his boat in Redondo, in places I could only imagine, and his time away “working hard and crazy hours” suddenly all became a bad nightmare. He denied all calls and messages to other women, swearing that he had been 100% monogamous, fully faithful, never having s*x with anyone since we had been together– though he wasn’t aware that I was able to see everything on his iPad which was synched to his phone and second iPad which he used during travel. It was a shock to see that he could lie so convincingly to me, without any remorse or guilt, without even skipping a beat. And there was an entire log of months of his calls and contacts. He was clearly a pro, a master of deceit, and no doubt I was not his first victim. I broke up with him immediately and got myself tested for STD’s (he never liked to use condoms). He was a liar in love, and he is no doubt searching again now for another woman to keep decieved at home while he’s out hooking up with all the others during his time away.

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