Ivan Scott Neuhart

Scott is a narcissist to the t. He manipulates women into thinking he loves them. He will get sick and when he does he wants you to care for him. He will work as little as possible and have you pay for everything. He hides behind the church and acts like he is a morman, however he is waiting to get down another womans pants. He acts like he is the best in bed. He moves from woman to woman and no remorse for his actions. Hes been married several times and all the wifes and gf will say the same thing, he has mental issues. He will say he loves you right away, take advantage of you. He will play you, use you, have you pay for him, then when you dont give him what he wants, he will leave. Then you are now going to be called the crazy ex. Be careful he is a predator and will search you out.

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