HomeWrecker Sarah Montgomery Welsh, Flaherty, Ky, USA

My husband and I decided to separate (for the safety of me and our kids as his abuse began to increase from verbal and emotional to nearing physical abuse) in order to “reset” our marriage of 12 yrs and ourselves by initially attending individual counseling. We sold our home and I bought a new one for me and the kids. Meanwhile, he rented a trailer in a trailer park nearby after staying with a mutual friend for a few weeks. 2-3 wks after moving in to the trailer park he began a sexual relationship with his neighbor; a mother of 4 who was also separated from her husband of 20 yrs. My H brother and gf had moved here from out of state and lived with my H in the trailer. After they would go to sleep, and OW would put her 4 kids to bed, she would literally walk out her front door and walk in the back door of my H trailer which was only roughly 10 feet apart. She would talk to him, give him “Sarah massages” screw him and then slip back into her trailer like a teenager sneaking out of her parents house! Initially, he said when our youngest (4) was there, she would play with OW kids and that’s how they began to get close. Talking about their situations. Then one day, he invited her in, talking led to a BJ. That’s when he decided to buy condoms because he KNEW it was eventually going to go there. And it did…. for nearly a year.
After about 5 months he bought his own home and moved from the trailer park. It didn’t stop. NOW-she would put her kids to sleep, LEAVE THEM ALONE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT, and slip into his unlocked door into his room while his terminally ill brother and gf slept. Stay anywhere from 1-3 hrs giving massages, talking and having s*x, then sneak back into her trailer.
I didn’t understand why we weren’t getting anywhere with reconciliation. He kept blaming me and the kids for our issues leading up to the separation. Blaming us for not letting him come home with his wife and kids. I couldn’t wrap my head around.
Almost 6 wks after his brother passed and after I hosted all out of town family and made ALL funeral arrangements, I talked to my older children (13 & 17) about the possibility of him coming home. They said it would be “weird” but they were ok with it.
The following day, I was leaving for work and noticed he’d left his iWatch the night before. We work at the same location, 1 floor apart. So I was going to take it to him. Then, I had a sudden intuition…. I’m not a snooper. Never have been. Never saw any signs or felt like I needed to be. I turned around from walking out the door, sat at my kitchen table and began to look at his messages.
There they were, in complete disgusting full display. She missed his d**k. Wanted him to invite her over again soon because she was so h***y for his d**k. Wanted him to push her against the wall and f**k her. She missed him. It’s so hard for her to be without him. Did he feel the same.
His responses were short. Yes. Me too. Ok. Soon. Except for a few that were telling her to LEAVE ME ALONE. You know I love my wife. I want my family back. You have got to stop. She would describe how she felt about him. He would always be defensive and in one said-This is what p****s me off! I’m telling you to leave me alone. I can’t do this anymore. You KNOW what I’m trying to do with my family. I love my wife and want my family back.
She persisted. Even after having confronted her in person, she STILL sent my husband nude photos of herself. After which his response would always be, leave me the f**k alone! She even had been so bold and thoughtless about his circumstances, she had sent him nude photos the week following his brothers death, while he was being comforted by HIS WIFE, at MY house with us and his extended family, INCLUDING the day of the funeral! She didn’t stop until I told her reportedly abusive husband who kept her where she is in life. In the trailer park, uneducated (she dropped out of HS), no job, stuck, dependent on him for money and support. My husband had to change his phone number and deleted all social media-HIS idea and decision.
I believe he confessed most of their goings on. Of course I’ll never be certain.
After learning about the affair and having multiple conversations with her husband, I found out this was not her first affair. I believe, and told her husband as much, that she is looking for a “ticket” out of her situation.
My husband and I are both successful. Former Army officers with careers. We now together own 3 homes and have retirements. Go on vacations. Drive nice cars. Have nice things. She is nothing and has nothing. At times when my anger towards her subsides, I pity her. In one of the messages to him, she said the song “Girl Crush” is her song about me. I mentioned that to her in the only text message I sent to her enlighten her of who I am, ending with “Girl Crush”, I bet you f*****g do! Yes-it still makes me smile knowing every time she hears that song, she’ll think of me. As will I her, but I’ll be the one smiling! 🙂

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