Francis Chaske

He lives in Devils Lake, ND and not only does he cheat, talk to other women sexually while lying to you and telling you’re the only one; he also throws around the L word way too much! He has borderline personality disorder and doesn’t listen to anything you say! He is selfish and is extremely jealous! He doesn’t want you having male friends and will make you put him before your family or even your children!!! His only come back is “Same do the same thing!” Because he can’t come up with any type of rebutle! He is also a deadbeat! He doesn’t have a job and isn’t motivated to get one so he wants a way out and someone to take care of him! He has even threatened to beat women…so I’m sure he is capable and would! No experience if he has or not. He has no self control so he just shoots off at the mouth and says whatever he thinks will hurt you the most!

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