Felicia Spruill (White Plains,MD)

Felicia Spruill is a hoe and a homewrecker.

These are just some of the reasons why:

First, she f****d John Davis multiple times even though his girlfriend called her and told her to stop. John Davis was a basketball player at her college, Towson University. She even went back to the college campus after she graduated just to f**k him.

Second, she invited a guy named Julian Scott from her college (Towson University) over to her apartment. Not only did she know that Julian had a girlfriend, her friend warned me to not invite him over. And, guess what she did with him at the apartment…

Third, she went on several clearly romantic dates with a coworker who she knew was engaged. They also sexted. This happened when she worked as a Program Assistant at Virginia Tech Research Center in Arlington, VA. The guy’s name is Jurgens Vestil. They even made plans to go on a road trip together, just the two of them (and of course it wasn’t for work). And, she told him that she wanted to suck his d**k among other things. Her own mother knew she was a hoe and told her to stop, Felicia Spruill is disgusting. This hoe really thought it was OK to date an engaged man.


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