Erin Wilson James Sumter Sc

D**n….. Erin Wilson James are you still stalking her after you and your husband Cedrick James got your a*s beat? Imagine trying to crash a wedding and BOOM the bride stomping your head, snatching you bald while the mother of the bride boxing your a*s like she live for this s**t meanwhile your husband in the fetal position trying not to go into the light. Lmao they f****d you up, dragged your a*s…. Lmao stomped the h**l out of your husband. Laid hands on him made the nigha p**s himself. S**t the world knew he wasnt going to honor you but the least he could do is protect you. But I guess y’all are a united front… Get beat the f**k up together…. matching black eyes… Matching bust lips…. Its kinda cute frfr.
Stupid a*s weak a*s wanna be Christian a*s b***h…. One time for the dumb insecure b***h that allowed her weak a*s husband to cheat on her with woman after woman but she continue to lay up and have ugly a*s Pitt bull puppy looking kids, 5 of the mother f*****s…. (Pitt Bull puppies 4 sale…. Wait are they house broken? Spayed?) …. you weak b*****s were made for each other…… Silly B***h kept the man but stalk the woman… He lied and denied your kids. I heard of lying about a wife but the whole D**N family?!? This nigha was f*****g everybody and you knew it!!!!! But you mad….. Silly b***h…. You should be mad that the nigha he was chasing behind another woman who didn’t want him for years. You two stalkers were made for each other. Shidd stalking any means necessary… Even if he had. To fly… This Piece of s**t was willing to f**k up his marriage, his family, and his job…. But you blame her…. Dude was so desperate he created divorce papers to trick her…. Purchased a ring for introduced her to his dad, his brother, his sister, frat brothers, and people in national guard unit.
Can’t lie the family liked him at first, invited him to family functions. I knew something wasn’t right about him… Didn’t you say he stole money from his job to give to her?… Didn’t he work for your dad…..imagine the insurance man committing insurance fraud… D**n he said F**k all y’all. Throw the WHOLE family away…. Girl get over it….. Nahhh you Big mad years later…… I didn’t want to get involved in the Bullshit but B***h you messy!!!! Tell the truth!!!! Yea she dated Cedrick James for some years, he even met the family but the nigha lied and denied you and them Pitt bulls. 2018 but you can’t move forward…. I guess you’re too weak to stand on your own…..BEWARE ALL FEMALE 21 and younger YES I SAID YOUNGER Cedrick James will try to suck you in to his MESSY a*s LIFE and to you Erin Wilson james you are a psychotic gap tooth gutter rat with yo ugly A*S PIT BULL PUPPIES. YOU AND CEDRIC DESERVE EACH OTHER! And Erin you’re nothing but an ugly troll who is bar s**t crazy and you are a gap tooth thick NECK was sick individual who have nothing better to do but post false s**t when the problem is your unfortunate looking cheating a*s husband who give your money to tricks….like you and if I was you I wouldn’t have anymore pitbull puppies. Too many can get euthanize! LOL!

Petty I know

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