Emily Moses

Much like a hermit crab, Emily carries the empty shell of her existence on her back like a badge of honer. She spends her time going from place to place, creating translucent relationships until she is found out, expelled, and starts her process anew. Her long term friendships and jobs are understandably limited.

There is a dissonance between Emily’s muddled avarice towards people and the reality of the human condition. Her belief that people should be mailable to her narrative usually ends with her resentful towards them when she is spurred. In this fashion, she becomes emotionally manipulative and lashes out by whatever backward means afforded to her. She will cheat without hesitation and attack her victim through their friends by fabricating her own reality. If she is confronted, she will disassociate herself in an attempt to feign innocence and try to turn the situation around on her prey
. She has been known to break up the relationships of friends associated to her victim, as well as get them fired from their jobs. Fortunately, her ‘basic’ nature doesn’t support an imagination much more intense than that due to her bully like cowardice.
Though she claims to be precocious, or a ‘genius’, her only interesting trait is the ability to cry on command. She truly is, the personification of the term ‘click bait’.

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