Daniel P. Moccio. Middle island,NY

Well daniel is a liar. And a cheater. A real class act.
Apparently always has been.
Daniel has a huge secret, well im the mother of his daughter. He was cheating on his gf for their whole relationship. So sad. If i would have known there was another female involved, well then we wouldn’t be in this situation at all.
Daniel and i started sleeping together again, and guess what. Yup. I ended up pregnant!!! With my beautiful daughter. He denies her to the fullest. Never would i thought being friends with someone for 8 yrs and they would do something like this to you. But its okay. Hes missing out. And the truth will come out. Cant wait to see u in court for that DNA test. Youre a low life piece of s**t good for nothing fat f**k dead beat father.

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