Curtis Christopher Kettwig. Mason city Iowa ( ran a scam in Myrtle Beach South Carolina )

I put him in this psycho category because it kind of fits all of the above. He’s a lying cheating thief on top of being a drug addict, alcoholic, deadbeat dad and user and abuser He is dating sites to find people to use and steel from He has 6 DUIs yet helps himself to peoples cars while drunk and high on meth. If you can get away from him without losing a minimum of $1000 then consider yourself fortunate. He owes child support in Iowa. He lives out of a duffel bag and a backpack and has the mentality of a 12-year-old. At first he was sound like a dream. But don’t fall for that he works seven days a week 12 hour days and has $12,000 in the safe and a brand new truck because he has nothing and he is too lazy to work it entire week. If you run across him turn and run because he will screw your life up in a very short period of time

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