Collin James Hill

I met him in HS. He got in trouble and sent away from CA back to AZ I stayed loyal. He moved back and my best friend Sarah (with an H) surprised me on the sly with him. We thought he was staying in AZ and they got me. (So romantic[not really]) I said some dumb s**t like oh that guy across the street is hot and I never said that when it turned out to be Collins dumb a*s…. Well fast forward 3 weeks later… He
dumped me…over. Voicemail from another b***h.. With my sane name (Ashley with a f*****g E)…. And doesn’t return or answers my calls he even drops out of school. 1.5 maybe 2 years later he unblocks me (myspace) and returns says he’s going into to the military and I asked him how does that make you feel and he responds with no one has asked him about how he feels vs. How is new gf (sara) feels . And it starts again, the flirting and non-stop talking and he wants to see me so I drop everything to be with his smooth talking a*s. I know I’m dumb but d**n he had a hold on me. (daddy issues)… He never even tells me he’s not gonna show to meet up before he leaves and doesn’t dump his gf. 3to5 Months later I get msgd by him with a hidden phone at boot camp (how romantic to an abused teenage girl) I talk to him for months and he dumps sara for me. His mom gets his stuff from her and we finally meet gain years later at the 13th street light rail station and it was amazing the hug and love he made me feel until 3 Months later we pregnant wIth TWINS (we didn’t see the 2nd twin until 5 months along) and they didn’t grow past 3 mos. It was heartbreaking and he wasn’t there for me his best friend joey was. He cheated emotionally and physically with angela (anzhela) and she started harassing me saying I was his crazy ex. Which I fought back saying I was his pregnant long-term gf. This was the days of MySpace. Mind you. I wrote status after status. Bulletin after bulletin. All the while Collin was telling us both lie after lie. The. She was sooo suicidal he sent me pics of blood stains in her carpets. And I made sure everyone knew how he did me. And he missed his check in weekend with the national guard and is now M.I.A. or A.W.O.L. and my life changes and his other girlfriend is preparing to become a step mom taking about split parenting and xmases meanwhile he’s talking to me about nurseries and houses and puppies and marriage. Collin was the live of my life when I was a teenager. When I lost those twins I 2as so birth and debated and so was joey but Collin was relived and eager to put his f*****g shoes on and cry call his secret gf that u stayed strong foe 3 hours to tell him I lost our babies due to stress and anxiety he and my u knowing abusive father caused me. I almost killed myself. He didn’t care. The story goes on. To soooo much worse. More cheating. And even more cheating. And yeah deceit and naked and very deep v****a photos of my exes new gfs just to feel some power. Is unreal. I loved him and still do but i wish him help, observance and happiness. In that specific order. You were a lesson I needed over and over again. But I passed that and am on to the real parts in life now, I hope you are too.

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