Christopher Verhague, North Tonawanda, New York

This guy is a master manipulator, ladies beware!

He is a smooth talker, he plays the victim and has you feeling sorry for him almost immediately. He claims his exwife of 15 years cheated on him which is untrue, he was the cheater repeatedly. He has cheated on every woman he has ever been with, sometimes sleeping with multiple women in the same day.

He has confirmed HERPES and HPV and has spread them to multiple women. He lies and says he was tested a month before you met him and is clean but it is A LIE. He does have herpes, he does have hpv.

He claims to not be in debt but his vehicles have been repossessed more than once. He owes everyone and their brother money and will try to sweet talk you into getting a loan for him. He is in arrears on his child support to!

He is trying to hide from the truth being out there and has since changed his name on tinder, facebook ect from Chris Verhague to Christopher Michael

RUN as fast as you can from this scum, he is not a victim he is a predator knowingly spreading STDs

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