Christopher Allen Zika of Herndon Virginia

Christopher Allen Zika who is the CEO of Geneva Software has been involved in litigations with his Canadian ex fiancé. Despite his using his financial superiority to silence her, court and deposition transcripts in all court cases as confirmed by Mr. Zika demonstrate that the relationship ended because his ex fiancé discovered that he had numerous partners while with her, his ex wife Linda Graziano pled the fifth at his trial for blackmail and extortion and for taking graphic photos of him and distributing them, he had 8 personal phones and 12 personal emails with profiles on numerous hook up sites and even using his ex”s last name as a profile name when he met the Canadian women. He borrowed money from his ex father in law to cover credit card debt. His ex father in law was jailed for racketeering and for being an associate of organized crime and is the principal owner of Beteagle. There is a documented pattern of domestic violence and charges, pattern of s*x for money and of heavy debt load and spending with frequent remortgaging of his home. He purchased and leased in total 6 cars for other people in one year. Only through litigation did the Canadian woman find out he had an ex wife #1 which he never disclosed, wife 2 died and there are questions related to the circumstances, wife 3 has a family with ties to organized crime and he was in a secret 2.5 year relationship when trolling dating sites and seeing the Canadian woman. The Canadian woman has been the subject of ongoing harassment and has had a number of questionable incidents happen like being run off the highway when returning from her trial. These people are dangerous. He has had an inability since their 2011 separation to distance himself from his ex despite appearances to make it look otherwise. Stay away!!!!

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