Chris Evans, Keller TX

This man lives in Keller, TX and despite the tall tale he’ll sell you, he is not:

1. single: he is married and has a 3 year old daugher
2. looking for marriage: see #1
3. a military vet: he will tell you he was a combat medic in the Navy. He’s not, he is a middle school teacher and sports coach. He majored in military history in college, so can easily make it sound like he was something he’s not.
4. paramedic and teaching lifesaving skills to firemen: he says this is what he’s doing now that he’s retired Navy. He’s not, per #2, he’s a teacher
5. willing to relocate: he’s not, he wont leave the wife for fear of losing his daughter

He’s currently on about 5-6 dating or s*x sites, each saying he’s single without kids, in a few instances he answered ‘yes’ to looking for marriage and willing to relocate (naughtyfind, chubby parade, fubar, curvage, oodle, magna lista, USAClassifieds dating). Uses screen name ‘medicchris911’ or ‘cevans911’ . Will primarily use KIK to communicate, user name ‘chris me’.

He’s got a range of photos he uses, I’ve never seen a person have so many different looks. He doesn’t always use a current one, either.

I thought he was just kinky, but I honestly think he’s some kind of s*x addict. If you’re just out to get laid, he might be the right one for you. He’s a liar, and a cheater. Might sound sort of tame, but figured Id save someone the heartache of falling for him and thinking there’s a future.

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