Chinonso nmaraeme

Attention world, this man chinonso nmaraeme also goes by the name of nonso by all his associates damaged my friend who by the way is now his ex wife who they have a daughter by after she filed for divorce and left his a*s. Chinonso nmaraeme was married to my friend for 4 years but that marriage was no picnic mainly because the man that she thought was the one for her that she fell inlove with turned out to be her worst night mare. This man made my friend suffer making her work 3-6 jobs to pay all the bills taking care of two kids going to school yet she still had no money left for anything for herself , the whole time being married to my friend this man was never home constantly cheated on her only time she would ever see the husband she was married to was when it was time for her to leave for work or when she was coming back from work, this man made my friend go 6-9 months even a year without s*x while he was out there humiliating her in public around those who know her even her own family members parading around with different women being affectionate towards them when his wife was waiting for him at home then when they did end up having s*x he gave her multiple stds from constantly sleeping with all kinds of women out there unprotected then blaming her for the std. this man drove my friend to abortion clinic in 2017 threatened her that if she never got the abortion that she will never see her two kids and he will leave her in a strange city with no money no phone empty handed so she ended up getting the abortion because of her kids then in 2018 my friend was pregnant again by him boy oh boy let me tell you this man not only cheated on my friend multiple times gave her multiple stds from everybody he slept with this man had the audacity to sleep with a 16 while he has been sleeping with her since she was 15 bringing her and the family to their married home never communicating anything about it to his wife. Bringing the 15 year old name princess and her family to their married home stating that they were only staying for a week yet a week turned into the whole summer vacation then when summer was over they never wanted to leave even when they were sleeping over my friends home chinonso would call princess the 15 year old ask her what she would love to eat but can never call his wife to ask her what her and the kids then he would go out but food and the first person he gives the food to is princess not his wife not his kids the mistress that he brought into his married home also the whole time they were staying at my friends married home this man would wake up every morning and make princess and the rest of her family food but never his wife their kids ignored that his wife ever lived there. Also he would even get off work early sneaking around behind his wife back to take princess out to eat shopping taking her to do her hair buy clothes even did it for her whole family this time around he became an errand boy for a family who wasn’t his blood related to him doing their laundry cooking for them groceries shopping her princess and her whole family even dropping off the 16 year old and her siblings to school . My friend was pregnant in 2018 this man stressed my friend out to the point where she ended up with ectopic pregnancy. When she was pregnant with her third child this man packed his bags left my friend before she even came back from work with the kids left the home for weeks even took her passport her remote keys and left her then went behind her back and got another apartment next building moved the 16 year old princess and her whole family into that apartment then came to my friend after she lost her baby and her left tube due to the stress and multiple std that he gave her telling her that she stays in the marriage home while he stays in the new home with the 16 year old that he is sleeping with while him and my friend still stay married. This man is a con artist, a storyteller, a womanizer, a user , a liar , a fraudulent scammer , 419 , heart breaker , he damaged my friend emotionally, mentally,physically and verbally. Chinonso nmaraeme loves to play the victim, the one that’s been done wrong after the messed up things that he did to my friend. Even when my friend was pregnant with his child he got a wood tall stick and told her that if she said another word that she wouldn’t be alive nor would that baby that she is carrying be alive (when they were arguing about him cheating with his ex that kept calling her home at 3 am 4am all day long ). He wanted to use my friend to get his citizenship thought she was a fool stupid continued to disrespect her the whole time she was married to him even after she left him he continued to disrespect her call her everything in the book dragged her man down the mud humiliated shamed her even parading around with the 16 year old even had all his friends associates disrespect his own wife can never defend his wife protect her but always protected everyone else believed everyone else took everyone else side but his wife he continues to be an errand boy a slave boy a tomboy a fool for the 16 year old when he was married to my friend all he did was pay the rent his bills and she only asked him for them to go on dates to communicate for him to take her out do his part as a father a husband all the things she ever asked from him he was doing it for everyone princess her whole family all his friends other women even paying other women bills but he couldn’t give his wife money for gas or diapers when she was in need made his wife get on welfare all because he wanted her to suffer having her look like s**t while everyone always looked better than her. Also he never loved his wife he never calls her text her to check on her or on the kids everyone always came first to him but his wife. The things she ever asked from him he told people that she was trying to kill him that he was scared because she was asking for too much from him when she was only asking for attention and love from her own husband to spend time from him but to him it was all considered nagging too much for him to handle. So ladies if you all want a taste just like the whole world has had a taste of his womanizing man w***e who had std from left to right loves going to savoy in Inglewood loves the partying lifestyle love different woman every day makes you feel like you are the one then f***s you and leaves you not even a f**k about what he does to anyone or how much damage he has caused by all means contact him 3233482466.
He also goes by the name smith nmaraeme
Or nonso nmaraeme

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