Chelsey Darlene gilson (chelsey dars)Covington wa

Chelsey is a 300+ pound girl who uses filters to make herself look thin & pretty. There are at least 8 accounts on the internet about her crazy activities. S******g any guy, married or not then sending pics & videos to the wife and the guys underage children. She is famous for faking pregnancy. She will also claim she is going to commit suicide. My son knew her 4 weeks. When he tried to gently dump her, she called my sons grandparents and claimed that while she was with my boy, she also slept with his cousin. She just wanted to tear our family apart. WARNING!! I TRIED TO TALK TO HER MOTHER CINDY TODAY. SHE FLAT OUT TOLD ME CHELSEY IS CRAZY, HAS VERY SERIOUS MENTAL ISSUES AND LIES CONSTANTLY. JUST WANTED TO WARN YOUNG MEN STAY AWAY FROM HER. SHE IS IN FACEBOOK AS CHELSEY DARS, BUT HER REAL NAME IS CHELSEY DARLENE GILSON AND SHE WORKS IN BURIEN WA AT A TOYOTA DEALERSHIP. SHE LIVES WITH HER PARENTS IN COVINGTON WA

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