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Fernando Mesa, Paramus, New Jersey

Pathological liar, serial cheater, spreader of HPV; avoid this man at all costs. He will befriend you at work functions, take advantage of you if you’ve had too much to drink and wow you with trips away (usually a Starwood hotel of some sort), will make you a playlist just for you, will call you every morning, send flowers to your office and surprise you with a Tiffany necklace. He will tell you that he’s divorced, but really, he is far from it and also, you are not the only woman on the side that he has. You will never meet his family, but he will want to meet yours. He prefers women that are highly intelligent, elegant, fun and have a good career. He loves taking and intimate photos and videos has an aversion to condoms.

Abby Miller, Arizona

Who I thought was my friend turned out to be a backstabbing, disgusting, unloyal B****! I watched her go through guys and do drugs and neglect her child. Do not bring her around your man she will literally mess with them and make them come running back to you because she’s so disgusting. She works at a fast food place making hot dogs and slushes. SHE IS SO JEALOUS AND ENVIOUS. I cannot start to explain how tired I was of hearing about her ex and his new girl. She plots on how to ruin people’s lives. She lives at her parents and drives a car she didn’t even buy. Everytime we went out she would get so drunk and act ignorant and mess with all kinds of guys. She has no standards or morals especially for being a young mother. This girl is the nastiest person ever. How she has custody of her kid? I don’t know. I hope she gets exposed for all she’s done. She almost ruined mine and my mans life because she’s a HOMEWRECKER! DONT TRUST HER DONT DATE HER DONT HIT HER UP unless you want to go into doctor’s offices for the rest of your life due to STDS!

Alicia Merrbach, Pennsylvania

She’s easy but nuts she lies more then anyone you’ll ever meet. She’ll lie about anything to get you to feel bad for her and to get money or s*x that’s all she wants from anyone…….She’s got a std now but she was so easy all you have to do is talk nice then ask to f**k and she’ll jump right on your d**k

Anna Wojtak

Alcoholic scammer took thousands of dollars from our adas even attacked me and made terroristic threats when I calmly approached her about having an affair with our Dad.
She is mentally insane and threatened self harm when our Dad tried to cease the affair. Anna took my Dad for a ride by even having him pay for her utilities and her convict son Kristian Wojtak wedding ceremony and dinner. Our Nothers car was utilized to visit Anna in her most recent stay at one of many mental institutions. This woman walks around down town asking for money, her neighbors have confirmed she is constantly loitering and causing a rutgus. She is heavily medicated with illicit drugs, scams money from men to support her alcohol addiction as well as support her convict son and his dying wife. Anna threatened me and told me her son Kenneth is of high ranking as a military official and she is “free” to say or do what she feels including spitting and screaming obscenities when we followed our married Dad to her home. Beware of Anna Wojtak maiden name Connors.

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