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Iain Brier

What can i say iain but what an opportunity for life for your name to be associated with a prestigious website such as this. An award in its own right you say for particularly calculating what i would describe as inexcusable nastiness.

I hope that they get wise to you and that you get kicked out of the place where you live into the street for good as you did to so many others which will amuse me no end won’t it.

Ha Ha HA

But get this his sister is a psychologist really iain i don’t believe that and i don’t believe your flights of fancy either do you know how much it costs to run a business these days to employ fools like you?

Lester Charles Facey

He is married to Maxine Facey but he is on okcupid and POF looking for women who will fall for his antics. Last time I heard he is dating Sherma Rudder who broke my relationship with him.

Marty Cordova

Green ,oozing genital warts. Pig stalker who will stop at nothing to turn your life upside down . A psycopath ! Had to get a restraining order on this a*****e !! This guy is SOOooo broke he is begging for donations for his illegitimate daughter’s medical bills !


DANIEL GUZMAN has stds and he doesnt warn future patners- BEWARE!!!. He is a army vet and he uses that for intimidation on how he has his guys to back him up, he smokes all day and abuses his pention buying illegal drugs. Currently lives at Calle Union, Playita in Puerto Rico

Kerri Lucas Ray

Drug addict. Sleeps with anyone who will supply her with drugs! Is a nurse in Columbia, SC. She mistreat her patients when she doesn’t feel like taking care of them. Will give them laxatives if the next nurse on duty makes her mad!! Do not trust her with your family member!!!

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