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Shnika Johnson Louisiana con thief robber

Shnika Johnson is a criminal and will anything to support her herion and weed addiction. She cons,robs,steals, and scams people including her own family. Neek is her nickname and her number is 5046124034. She is always in and out of jail. Shnika is jobless and homeless. She is alwayS broke and sleeps with both men and women as an escort to get what she wants. Neek lies about anything and everything.

Rebecca Husselbee is a racist.

Rebecca Husselbee also known as Becca Husselbee is a racist who sexually harrasses Muslim women.

Depraved racist Rebecca Husselbee has a b********y fetish and sexually harrasses Muslim women.

Rebecca Husselbee’s father Steve Husselbee is also a racist who lives in Kingswinford in the UK, works at Fujitsu and is part of racist Far-Right group Britain First which is full of s*x offenders. (Photograph of racist Steve Husselbee)

David sigal Montreal leemor shtrom

Leemor shtrom sigal married to soon to be ex husband David sigal gets beaten up by him because she wants to leave him she is in love with a hockey player who makes her smile and happy they are in love but the little man she is married too who is a drug dealer and scam artist won’t let her leave Plus they both have std

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