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Johna Poe Pevely, Missouri USA

This is Johna Poe. She is by far the nastiest, saggiest t*t broad in Pevely. Her husband is so oblivious that she’s trash that they bend together and bully people on the internet and then pretend how in love they are when everyone knows their youngest daughter isn’t even her husbands kid but they brush that under the carpet. Johna goes for women and men and from what I’ve heard has even hooked up with her boss, her husbands biological father and there is speculation that Johna has had inappropriate contact with her own father in her younger years. She needs to put a clamp on her clam because she is looking torn up from the floor up these days. When family members ask if she’s pregnant it means either they think she’s hoeing around again or she’s packing on the pounds in the middle. Her husband, Kevin likes to post people on hate sites like these and then pretend he’s a victim and post photos of his wifes saggy saddlebags and she comments, “I’ll get naked for you anytime.” Yeah naked for him and the whole city of Pevely I’m sure. If their lawyer wasn’t gay and having “friendships” with Kevin’s brother I’m sure Johna would try to get in his pants too. What a shame their oldest is heading in the same direction as mama.

Judy Genshaft Honors College | Interim Assistant Dean of University of South Florida Honors College | Catherine Wilkins

Catherine Wilkins


Judy Genshaft Honors College

Interim Assistant Dean of University of South Florida Honors College

USF :: Humanities and Cultural Studies


Dr. Catherine Wilkins, Interim Assistant Dean of University of South Florida Honors College.

The cancer patient constantly told me many things I was doing was wrong and immoral (how annoying!)


Dr. Catherine Wilkins, Art Historian.

Your “loved one” is fighting cancer and chemotherapy alone?

That means “PARTY TIME!” Right?

Go get your freak on, girl! Let your boyfriend die of cancer alone!

Cancer don’t stop no one’s fun, oh yeah, unless you’re the cancer patient that’s dying! But that ain’t you dying, so go party like you don’t care, Catherine, because you don’t!


Dr. Catherine Wilkins, Librarian.

Commits adultery with her supervisor in the library. Commits adultery with many others.


Dr. Catherine Wilkins, Honors Professor.

Abuses a medical patient dying of cancer.


Dr. Catherine Wilkins, Community Leader.

Files fraudulent requests for funding, and makes fraudulent statements to gain advancement and recommendations in the arts and medical fields.


Why do the actions of Dr. Catherine Wilkins matter?


When a medical patient goes to USF campus to report evidence of Dr. Catherine Wilkins’ cheating and abuses, patient is instantly admonished by Dr. Wilkins’ arts professor. Dr. Wilkins engages in coverup and gaslighting to both the patient and USF, and continues various abuses on the patient. Dr. Wilkins for years does everything she can to prevent the patient reporting abuses.

Dr. Wilkins takes advantage of patient’s near-death and weakened state.

Dr. Catherine Wilkins then proceeds with her long career, now including community engagement programs such as “Connections: Mental Healthcare, Community Engagement, and Art” with the Tampa Museum of Art and a patient-shadowing program with the Emergency Medicine division of Tampa General Hospital.

Also this year, Dr. Wilkins led an Honors course entitled “How to Make History.” This course is a collaboration with St. Petersburg Beach Public Library and the Gulf Beaches Historical Museum.

Dr. Catherine Wilkins is now the Interim Assistant Dean of University of South Florida Honors College.

Dr. Wilkins is also Director of Medical Humanities Curriculum for the Morsani College of Medicine.

Dr. Catherine Wilkins used and abused the patient’s near-death medical condition (and appropriated other life details) in fraudulent applications and statements in which Dr. Catherine Wilkins attempted to receive funding, credit, and false honor for medical bills she never paid and care-taking she never gave.

Dr. Catherine Wilkins also used these false claims of good deeds, sacrifice, and accomplishment to promote her entire career in the arts and its connection to medicine and mental health.

It is ironic that Dr. Catherine Wilkins abused and detrimentally traumatized a cancer patient’s mental health, and used the information she gained and the false statements she made to have a career where she teaches courses such as “Connections: Mental Healthcare, Community Engagement, and Art.”

The medical patient, fighting cancer and the effects of chemotherapy alone, did not know all of Dr. Catherine Wilkins’ fraudulent uses of them and their near-death condition, but has tried to report her many times. Often the medical patient was too weak, or afraid the increased stress or time-and-energy-and-resource-consuming effort would kill them. Sometimes it nearly did.

Dr. Catherine Wilkins’ falsified and exaggerated applications for funding, and the related events, brings to light many issues and calls for many questions, among them:

Students, teachers, and professors may now say:

The “gloss” individuals put on themselves really works. Exaggeration and lies are effective.

Why can’t I cheat, exaggerate, and fabricate entire stories and actions on my scholarships, grants, or job applications? Dr. Wilkins did and got promoted many times.

Why can’t I cheat on my assignments or tests? Dr. Wilkins cheats.

Why can’t I invent positive deeds I never did? Dr. Wilkins invents.

Why do I actually have to do something, instead of just saying I did something?

Why can’t I take credit from others? Dr. Wilkins steals credit from what other people do.

Why do I have to report academic dishonesty or abuses? I can just say I filed a report, but not. I can even create fabricated evidence of filing a report, but not. That’s what Dr. Wilkins did.

If I am accused or about to be reported for academic cheating or abuses, I can just obfuscate, lie, coverup, and prevent the reporter or abused from informing authorities. That’s what Dr. Wilkins did.

It says it is okay to admonish the victim when trying to report academic dishonesty and abuse. (When a report could have been made earlier in person, Dr. Wilkins’ USF arts teacher at the time admonished the victim/medical patient and supported Dr. Wilkins.)

It says I can teach within the fields or related subjects that I committed my abuses. Dr. Wilkins does. (Dr. Wilkins should not be around medical patients.)

It calls into question all of Dr. Wilkins’ academic history; all of Dr. Wilkins’ scholarship applications, grant writing, written papers, her own recommendations from others, and her recommendations of or to others.

It calls into question all of Dr. Wilkins’ written papers or oral statements of claimed knowledge or research.

It calls into question all of Dr. Wilkins’ written papers or oral statements of claimed accomplishment.

It calls into question from those foundations and charities giving scholarships and grants, that Dr. Wilkins fabricates when requesting funding.

It calls into question all of Dr. Wilkins’ professional relationships, especially those with superiors, and if any have turned personal or sexual in ways that are unethical, dishonorable, or unbecoming of the institutions of education. It calls into question Dr. Wilkins’ active or willing participation in any such affairs or their coverups.

It provides many negative examples of lacking personal and relationship integrity, not merely professional. Teachers are role models. Students seeing how Dr. Wilkins conducts a personal life of adultery and dishonesty have their personal relationship foundations eroded if they follow her real-life example. Personal integrity at home, is as important (if not more so) as professional integrity. Ultimately, all integrity is interconnected.

It says Machiavellian tactics are helpful and productive to the individual.

It tells society, foundations, and charities to be increasingly weary of financial scams involving cancer (or any medical need). This tells society to disregard requests to help those with cancer, as it may be fraudulent. This is an immense detriment to those truly suffering from cancer, who need lifesaving funds and support.

The person that Dr. Wilkins deceptively uses in her request for funding applications is an abused orphan. This tells society they may further abuse an orphan, use an orphan’s status for their own gain, and not actually care for an orphan; just say they cared for them as they are in reality further being abused, whether child or adult. This says society may appropriate and dishonestly use to advantage the status of a weaker person, to increase and benefit the status of a more well-off person.

The person that Dr. Wilkins deceptively uses in her request for funding applications is a minority. This tells society that a Caucasian or race dominant in any society may continue to use, abuse, manipulate, disregard, steal from, gain from, appropriate from, and take advantage of a minority.

The person that Dr. Wilkins deceptively uses in her request for funding applications is a cancer patient. This tells society that medical patients have no rights. Medical patients may be used for illicit gain, manipulated, and abused — even as it leads to more suffering, more health issues, magnified health issues, mental trauma, and even if it may lead to the patients’ death or near-death through neglect, abuse, delays, or obstruction. It says medical patients may be used for unlawful gain.

It tells society when I commit consensual adultery, I can appropriate “rape” as my cover story. This has endless negative consequences for real-life rape victims and victims of sexual harassment or assault, and their ability to report such abuse and be taken seriously. While adultery should never be committed, this also has negative consequences for the person engaging in consensual adultery and being accused of rape. While both are immoral, there is a difference.

The medical patient Dr. Wilkins uses in her fraudulent applications for funding and honor, is also a real-life multiple-incident rape survivor from childhood. Appropriating “rape” to defend oneself in committing consensual adultery (as Dr. Wilkins tried to in a related incident with David Brodosi, also of USF) is an atrocity to real-life rape survivors. Real-life rape victims suffer enough from the incident, and suffer enough from their struggle for justice. Rape should never be appropriated to excuse the guilt of adultery (as Dr. Wilkins tried to).

It says when I am abusing someone, I just need to say: “I am taking care of them.”

Dr. Wilkins’ academic abuses may diminish the arts and humanities in the eyes of others. Artists already struggle for accreditation, funding, and respect.

It says honor at an Honors College is just a name, but not a reality.

It says one does not need true integrity, they just have to fake integrity. That integrity is superficial.


Interim Assistant Dean of University of South Florida Honors College

Judy Genshaft Honors College

Catherine Josephine Wilkins


College admissions scheme: How Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin allegedly participated

Updated on: March 12, 2019 at 8:35 PM
By Graham Kates

Prosecutors alleged Tuesday dozens of parents, test administrators and college coaches who were involved in a widespread effort to rig college admissions processes were actually conducting two different types of schemes — a standardized cheating operation and a college acceptance scam. The allegations against actresses Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman provide insights into how these two alleged schemes worked.

Huffman was taken into custody early Tuesday morning. A Los Angeles judge said Tuesday afternoon she could be released on $250,000 bond. Her husband, William H. Macy, was seen going to the courtroom ahead of the hearing.

Entrance exam scheme:

Prosecutors said Huffman, who is married to actor William H. Macy, agreed to pay $15,000 — disguised as a tax-deductible charitable contribution — to a foundation operated by William Singer, who in turn allegedly arranged for a particular proctor to ensure Huffman’s daughter scored well. Macy is not named in the indictment, but he is repeatedly refered to as Huffman’s “spouse.”

Prosecutors said that in December 2017 a confidential witness told investigators that he met with Huffman and her spouse in their Los Angeles home in order to explain “how the college entrance exam scheme worked.”

He said he “controlled” an SAT testing site and could have a proctor “secretly correct her answers” after she took the test. Prosecutors said the parents agreed to the plan. He also explained how their daughter could receive extra time for the test. Prosecutors said at a press conference Tuesday this was typically achieved by claiming a learning disability.

At one point, prosecutors said Huffman emailed the confidential witness to say a school official expected to administer her daughter’s extended test.

“Ruh Ro! Looks like [my daughter’s high school] wants to provide own proctor,” Huffman allegedly wrote.

“In subsequent e-mails, (they) agreed to tell the high school counselor that Huffman’s daughter would take the SAT at a different location (during a weekend) so that she would not miss any school,” prosecutors wrote.

“Ultimately, Huffman’s daughter received a score of 1420 on the SAT, an improvement of approximately 400 points over her PSAT,” prosecutors wrote.

In a subsequent conversation, Huffman and her spouse were allegedly recorded being offered a similar arrangement for their younger daughter. But this time they declined, prosecutors wrote.

Admissions rigging:

“Full House” star Lori Loughlin and her husband Mossimo Giannulli are accused of paying $500,000 as part of a bribery plot to help their daughters gain admittance to the University of Southern California.

“In an e-mail on or about July 24, 2016, (a confidential witness) advised Giannulli that his older daughter’s academic qualifications were at or just below the ‘low end’ of USC’s admission standards. Thereafter, the Giannullis agreed….to use bribes to facilitate her admission to USC as a recruited crew coxswain, even though she did not row competitively or otherwise participate in crew,” prosecutors wrote in the indictment.

Prosecutors said the Giannullis then paid $50,000 to a USC athletics administrator, Donna Heinel, who presented their daughter “to the USC subcommittee for athletic admissions as a purported crew recruit.” Heinel was also charged Tuesday with conspiracy to commit racketeering.

Later payments by the pair included a tax-deductible $200,000 contribution to Singer’s foundation.

The pair allegedly arranged a similar scheme for their younger daughter. For that set of admissions, prosecutors describe in greater detail what was required to portray the girl as a crew coxswain.

“On or about July 16, 2017, (the confidential witness) e-mailed the Giannulis requesting information for the crew profile. The confidential witness indicated that the profile would present their younger daughter, falsely, as a crew coxswain for the L.A. Marina Club team, and requested that the Giannulis send an ‘Action Picture.'”

Twelve days later, the parents allegedly sent a picture of the girl purporting to use a rowing machine.

U.S. Attorney Andrew Lelling said at a press conference Tuesday that in other instances students’ faces were edited into photos of athletes.

Once again, prosecutors said, the duo paid $50,000 to the USC administrator, and $200,000 as a donation to Singer’s foundation. The girl was then accepted to USC.

But prosecutors said the scheme wasn’t without its hitches. They describe a high school guidance counselor who was concerned about the girls’ athletic admissions. He apparently approached an official at USC to express his concern, but was assured the girls were qualified for the crew team. Heinel allegedly then emailed the parents and advised them not to confront the counselor.

Heinel and Huffman were arrested Tuesday morning and were expected to be charged Tuesday afternoon. Loughlin and Giannuli had not yet been arrested as of early Tuesday afternoon.

Singer entered a guilty plea in Boston federal court Tuesday to charges that included racketeering conspiracy and obstruction of justice.

First published on March 12, 2019 at 5:35 PM

© 2019 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Graham Kates
Graham Kates is an investigative reporter covering criminal justice, privacy issues and information security for CBSNews.


Dr. Wilkins is an instructor in the Honors College and currently serves as the Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs. In this role, she oversees the curriculum, course offerings and hiring of all faculty within the College. (Please stop in and let her know if you would like to recommend faculty from across campus to teach in the Honors College).
An alumna of USF, Dr. Wilkins received her BA in Humanities in the year 2000, before attending Tulane University in New Orleans, where she earned a MA in Art History and a Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary History. As a graduate student, Dr. Wilkins lived abroad in Germany and Spain, and traveled extensively throughout Europe and Central and South America. She held fellowships at the Freie Universität Berlin as well as the Murphy Institute for Studies in Ethics and Public Affairs. Dr. Wilkins was a faculty member for several years at the University of Colorado Boulder and Florida Southwestern State College before joining USF’s Honors College in 2015.

Dr. Wilkins’ scholarly work focused on 19th century to contemporary visual and literary culture, and its intersection with sociopolitical issues. She is interested in considering how the arts can serve as manifestations of the ways an individual or group processes and represents their lived experience at a historical moment in time, as well as a means by which people exert influence over the future. Therefore, Dr. Wilkins regularly seeks to build connections between historical artistic productions and contemporary culture, values, practices, and ideas through the inclusion of pop culture, technology, field trips, and hands-on activities. Some of her favorite courses to teach are: “New Media, Art, and Culture,” which explores the artistic and social impact of technologies from photography to video games and virtual reality; “The Romantic Spirit,” which examines manifestations of Romanticism’s philosophy and aesthetics in examples ranging from Delacroix, Shelley, and Keats to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Aladdin, and Banksy; and “Florida, A Cultural History of Place,” which takes students from Tocobaga Indian mounds to migrant farmers’ camps to Weeki Wachee Springs in search of a better understanding of the state we call home.

Dr. Wilkins is deeply engaged in service-learning and community-based teaching practices. She offers two signature Capstone courses in the Honors College that align with these interests: Connections, offered in partnership with the Tampa Museum of Art, in which students learn to facilitate experiences with art for museum visitors diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, PTSD, and depression; and How to Make History, where students help digitize the collection of the Gulf Beaches Historical Museum, create exhibits, and collect contemporary histories for a web-based archive.

Dr. Wilkins’ diverse range of interests can also be seen in her record of publication, which includes articles such as “Connections: Building Partnerships with Museums to Promote Intergenerational Service Learning and Alzheimer’s Care, “Where You Come From is Gone: Reinhabiting the Ruins of the Native South,””Performing Art History’s Problems with New Media,” “Morality, Mortality, and Materialism: An Art Historian Watches Mad Men,” as well as her book, Landscape Imagery, Politics, and Identity in a Divided Germany, 1968-1989 (Ashgate, 2013).

Dr. Wilkins is the faculty advisor for the USF chapter of the Young Democratic Socialists as well as the Bedsider student organization, and is the coordinator of the Honors College Student Art Show. She also serves as the director of Medical Humanities curriculum in the Morsani College of Medicine.


Darren Ambler/Prostitute- S*x & Drug addict-STD Infection/Psychotic/Cherry Hill- NJ:

What a wonderful way to start the week. Another post about Darren Ambler and Mindy Murray. Of course this article has been a bit altered with some names added and other modifications. If someone gets a kick out of doing this then let them do it. No matter how many times this article is re written, modified or duplicated it does not change the fact that Darren Ambler is a Dangerous menace that serves no useful purpose in society except to erode, corrupt morals and exploit s*x and P*********y as if it is a big joke.

No normal person could stand being around Darren Ambler. His former wife apparently felt the same way and took off. I am sure Darren abused and drove his former wife crazy also. I guess one must wonder about her sanity if she married Darren Ambler.

The sexual lying evil deviant lives at 12 Westbury Dr in Cherry Hill NJ- Remember-Darren Ambler entered the world of Prostitution- Lying- Serious Drug abuse- P*********y- filthy vile language all of his own free will. He enjoyed every minute of his life of immoral- sinful illicit s*x- multiple partners- disgusting s*x techniques like Bondage- Group s*x- cross dressing- satanism etc. A number of Mr. Ambler’s former s*x partners have come forward and every one stated Darren is a terrible disappointment in the bedroom. His s*x techniques stink and he has nothing below the waist that is even visible. It is quite laughable seeing this four eyed s*x freak naked. Talk about a filthy piece of immoral garbage “Darren Ambler ” is the name that comes to mind. This PIG screwed numerous women including Hookers- one night stands – desperate women and even Married women, This ugly garbage face has no respect for Marriage or anything for that matter. He is an adulterer- a PIG- a baby aborter and confused incompetent evil garbage dump. A former lover underwent an abortion after “frog face” impregnated her. The sin of abortion or “murder” is on Darren’s filthy soul also. It would have been wonderful if someone aborted Darren Ambler back in 1978. Just think the world could have had one less Ugly-useless- evil s*x predator running around in it now.
It appears that Darren Ambler is not even disputing the fact that he is a S*x addict (out of control) a drug abuser and someone fighting serious mental illness and disconnect from society. A man in his 40’s acting like a demented over sexed child is very sad. Some of these articles written about Darren Ambler I noticed are starting to list various names of some of Mr. Ambler’s past & present sexual partners. When names are openly being listed in an article and it appears Mr. Ambler is not disputing the issue then that for the most part says the information is true and Ambler has no argument or cause to dispute. Not surprisingly, some of the women listed as past s*x or bed partners have nothing good to say about Darren Ambler. They also seem to attack Darren’s inability in the bedroom and his lack of “manhood parts” so to speak. Which would be humiliating for most people to be exposed that way. However- there is not much Darren can do about it. I agree with the person who said when Darren Ambler started his “double life” which included Prostitution- P*********y- s******g multiple women – lying- using unspeakable- vulgar language and exploiting himself and his disgusting body-that Darren essentially made a deal with the “DEVIL”.

Once you make a deal with “Evil” or the “Devil” you created your own doom and destruction of your life. Remember- no one twisted Darren Ambler’s arm. Darren willingly became involved with these ‘questionable low life scums”. There is not a decent or respectable person in this world that would give Darren Ambler the time of day. Life is all about bettering yourself- expanding social circles and interacting with people that have refinement- class and ambition. Making the correct contacts can help one advance their career- improve social relationships and meet new and exciting people.

Unfortunately- probably due to his diminished mental capacity and convoluted thought process- Darren Ambler has done the opposite. Instead of bettering himself he has sunk to new lows. Having s*x with Prostitutes and anyone who is lonely and dumb enough to jump into Ambler’s gross bed, and using foul language as well as taking drugs and drinking booze is called “Dragging yourself down to the level of hookers and druggies is what most would call “rock bottom”. It does not get any lower than that. But yet- Darren Ambler seems to be comfortable associating with people such as this.

It all goes along with making these deals with Satan. Satan is no good- evil- corrupt- hateful- shallow etc: Therefore- no good will ever come out of promoting evil. That is what Mr. Ambler has done and continues to do. The poor dear is demented- clueless- full of sick thoughts and notions. I think some were surprised that an educated Pharmacist would stoup to such degrading levels and almost admire street whores and other low lifes. That seems to be where Darren wishes to be. Maybe Mr. Ambler is comfortable with people like that.

If our “Cut & Paste” Poster wishes to continue re posting the same articles over again then they need to add some new and interesting information to keep readers interested. Recently- someone posted a comment that they found new information about our “Number One” S*x stalker- dope addict- Quarter of an inch P**n King Darren Ambler. I did my own search after reading this particular post and I did locate some similar information about Darren Ambler.

Apparently- in 2016 Darren Ambler intentionally Cyber Stalked and Harassed another forum member quite brutally. A lawyer was hired and it seems a good deal of “full proof” evidence was collected and documented. My point being Darren Ambler did more than just screw half of the female prostitute population. He also engaged in stalking activity that is illegal and he could have served jail time for the cyber stalking if the harassed party and their lawyer would have tried the case to its conclusion. Ambler has simply been lucky up until now that he is not sitting in a 10×12 jail cell. Darren Amblers luck may run out. The 10 women infected with std’s are saying they are not giving up until they receive some kind of Justice in the matter.

Darren may have some issues pending on the horizon. I would love to see Darren Ambler deny he gave s*x partners STD’s. Just like it would be next to impossible for him to deny that he willingly engaged in Prostitution and enjoyed every minute of it. Possibly the next time our “cut & paste” poster has the urge to re write the same article and post again- they may consider adding a few new tid bits of thing s i mentioned here. It would definitely be a more interesting read. Plus it would attract more readers I guarantee it.

Darren Ambler (NJ) and Mindy Murray (OH), United States

The distance from Cherry Hill, NJ to Cincinnati, Ohio is a few hours apart. Both areas have had their own share of characters with all kinds of personalities, good and bad. Both as of late have one thing in common: a form of toxic that needs to be disposed of in each city that normal citizens have grown tired of their disgraceful and disgusting acts: Darren Ambler and Mindy Murray.

Darren Ambler has been compared to Mindy Murray and vice versa. It seems these two disgusting, cowardly whack jobs have much in common like the lack of morality and character on top of the disgusting sexual acts each performs, the drugs they love to be on so much, all the pathological lying they enjoying doing and refusal to take accountability for their wrongful and inappropriate actions. Add Mindy’s love of collecting and passing STDs and stealing to the mix as well.

Rumors have circulated that Darren Ambler may have possibly been involved with Mindy Murray previously. It is possible.

Mindy is absolutely Darren Ambler’s type and vice versa: plenty of dirty and oral s*x they take pride in, plenty of drugs that they LOVE so much, foul language, degrading intercourse, STD collecting and passing, people using, bi-sexuality, and stealing are why they are a great deal alike. It is mind boggling that a person can live their life lying, manipulating others, using every one for their own benefit (Mindy’s favorite hobby) and having no moral structure at all. They’re very inhuman to live that way. Mindy and Darren both take pride in this.

Never admitting wrong doing is something that is very bothersome to a normal person but not to Darren Ambler and Mindy Murray. They take extreme pride in this, which makes it safe to say they’re not normal people.

Justice will be served one day very soon. Karma is coming.
Darren Ambler and Mindy Murray will not get away with their actions and behaviors much longer. The world is fully aware they have engaged disgraceful, disgusting, low acts in their parts of town. Anyone with a functioning brain knows they are proud, sick sociopaths with no conscience, character, or moral standards. No wonder these two can’t stay in stable relationships. Hard to find anyone who could stand proud narcissistic sociopaths who are addicted to and LOVE s*x, STDs, drugs, lies, stealing, manipulating, bi-sexuality, and stealing with a foul mouth. They would drive anyone insane, which I’m sure they have for the longest time.

Many wish they would go away and evaporate forever and leave normal, moral, good living, high character people alone, but they pride in being a threat everyone and society and take pride in doing so. Taking out the garbage is a term that refers to them quite well, and referring to them as garbage is being quite kind. They better stop publicly bashing their former abused partners and look at themselves in the mirror. If they don’t like it, then these two should not have started lives filled with disgrace and immorality, while backstabbing and acting like immature hurt babies when they gets exposed, confronted with the truth, or does not get their way, and take ownership for their own actions. But they are proud cowards. They can’t really dish it out but can not take the consequences even worse, as they, especially Mindy, lack the courage and moral ineptitude to confront you face to face like an adult, using social media accounts and phones to hide behind her real person that she is afraid to reveal. Also wouldn’t shock me to see Darren do the same himself.

Darren Ambler and Mindy Murray, time after time, contribute to the moral decline of society, corrupting the minds of the young and impressionable. Their graphic and disgusting practices have made it a dirty and vulgar act which they intended to be that way, while being afraid to admit their wrongs and act like mature adults. Because Darren and Mindy aren’t true adults never will be.

Mindy Murray and Darren Ambler would make the perfect match. Both are extreme s*x addicts, love drugs, love to hurt and manipulate people without any remorse, live bi-sexually, collect and pass STDs, and in the case of Mindy, loves to steal without remorse, and use people because she doesn’t have the character to do things in life the right way. Cannot justify someone who loves drugs, stealing, bi-sexuality, and collecting mugshots like her. Add the fact she thinks she should be exempt from her transgressions and the disgrace of a human being she is speaks more about who she is at the end of the day. Anyone who think she should be exempt is every bit as disgraceful as these two.

She once told her daughter that drugs are ok and it’s no big deal.

Let that sink in deep.

Sloot Jaime Mclean saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada

Jaime Mclean a.k.a Crystal Tucker. You may all know her from her famous facebook video showing her stealing someones mail off their step, or maybe Copper Mug where she stole the waitress’s cash caddy right off her tray. Yes boys here’ s one to take home mom would be so proud. This so called woman is a bottom feeding sack of c**p. This woman has herpies, hep c and hiv. She doesn’t even tell the people she is sleeping with just what kind of present she is giving them. She buys and does hard drugs with her son. This b***h is the cheapest sloot on the planet. She smokes rock and crystal and anything else she can get her hands on. Everyday she is out slooting around to make enough money to feed her habit. Never mind u actually have a kid that needs food. But she dont care about that. She is slooting around and banging the gang to come up with enough money for the next rock. Do not trust this sloot. See it’s not worth the light of day in fact the world would be better off if she wasn’t around. She lies cheats Steele’s and is the lowest form of human there is. She will bang anything with two feet and a heartbeat regardless of age. Cuz age ain’t nothing to this sloot. This woman is literally the definition of garbage. you should see the g**f she is with Rick Luft???? Man i thought you had standards what’s a catch she is like I said bottom feeder

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