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Rhonda Jean Erwin Munholland Scharosch

Rhonda Munholland Scharosch has been a S L U T, W H O R E and Home Wrecker for 30 years, and now proof she was an admitted DRUG USER as well….yet still applied and got a job at Ohio Health Morrow County Hospital.
How’s this happen ?
Did she LIE on her application, Or did she tell the truth that she had a OVI / DUI involving DRUGS in her system and they ACCEPTED this ?
I am not sure but we are going to call and look into seeing why OHIO HEALTH still hied and admitted DRUG USER.
RHONDA works in the SLEEP LAB at Morrow County Hospital @ 419-949-3018 or her boss Leslie Dye @ 419-949-3014
Or Ohio Health @ 614-544-4200
So GIVE HER A CALL and see how this known DRUG USER is able to work at this or ANY HOSPITAL !
Maybe she was on her KNEES in the JOB interview ?

Christopher Ross

This man is a disgusting human being. He lies and manipulates his prey. He plays victim. He’s not right in his head. He lays with a lesbian and convinced himself that he has a perfect family because he knocked her up. What type of person is he? SICK and TWISTED!

Liz Krewson-Ross

I’m a predator. I prey on vulnerable men with more insecurities than myself. I have psychotic tendencies and have been known to be vulgar with my language and vandalize property. I use 22yr old girls to keep my husband happy. He should never have gotten involved with me but he is just as needy as I am so it’s very easy to keep the routine.

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