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Liane M Coleman,Bosch,Dobbins

This w***e spent two years masturbating while having phone s*x with my sisters husband and making plans to leave her husband so she could be with him. She was so nasty sending pics and begging him to do the same.
Even worse she’s bisexual and her husband has no idea spread the news in Missouri about her this was not her first and it won’t be the last.
This w***e has no morals.

David Hornung

He preys on young poor men. Straight or gay, manipulating them into stuff that he should be in jail for. He was a friend but after finding out what hes about I want nothing to do with him. Very unfortunate that there are people like this guy walking the streets. He lives in the Hamptons because of mommy and daddy and his ways of manipulation, hes an interior (scammer) decorater If you come across him run as fast as you can, hes a liar, cheater, con artist, and is no good. He’ll take advantage of you while offering money for his sick perverted ways.

Rhonda Jean Erwin Munholland Scharosch

Rhonda Munholland Scharosch has been a S L U T, W H O R E and Home Wrecker for 30 years, and now proof she was an admitted DRUG USER as well….yet still applied and got a job at Ohio Health Morrow County Hospital.
How’s this happen ?
Did she LIE on her application, Or did she tell the truth that she had a OVI / DUI involving DRUGS in her system and they ACCEPTED this ?
I am not sure but we are going to call and look into seeing why OHIO HEALTH still hied and admitted DRUG USER.
RHONDA works in the SLEEP LAB at Morrow County Hospital @ 419-949-3018 or her boss Leslie Dye @ 419-949-3014
Or Ohio Health @ 614-544-4200
So GIVE HER A CALL and see how this known DRUG USER is able to work at this or ANY HOSPITAL !
Maybe she was on her KNEES in the JOB interview ?

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