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Darren Ambler- Cheater-STD carrier- S*X &DRUG addict-Illegitimate child- DNA Tests-Incompetent Daddy- Psychotic- Cherry Hill- NJ

Darren Ambler will soon be notified as soon as the DNA results are back. The tests will prove that Darren Ambler is Danny Ambler’s Daddy. He will have to pay support weather he sees Danny or not. I do not feel comfortable letting Danny see Darren in his frame of mind and with all the diseases he has at present. A court hearing will follow. Poor Darren will be EXPOSED in a courtroom in front of a Judge. No more Lies or crazy stories.

My lawyer said good chance after Judge hears case Darren will lose his 2 kids and I will get support for Danny!

Serial Rapist Andrew Pryka Bloomfield Hills MI

Herpes infested Andrew Pryka is a serial rapist of freshman girls. He lures them into his bedroom and gives them Xanax in order to knock them out. Then he photographs his victims and records everything to sell on p**n sites. A sick and twisted pervert with a micropenis and nothing to offer the world at large. His stupid gf has no idea how many girls he’s cheated on her with; he loves virgins and loves raping virgins.

He faces jail time and multiple civil lawsuits.

Tanmay Sharma New York

Tanmay Sharma is a creepy ephebophile. Obsessed with girls ages 13-16 because he can’t get girls his own age due to his Tunisian background and pathetically short height. Horrible grades at Parsons. Wants to do fashion because he wants access to hot women. He watches child p*********y. BEWARE

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