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Rob Kampia

I was in a relationship with Rob Kampia for a year.
He is a complete con artist/Toxic Narcissist and lured me into the relationship with nothing but lies, pretending and fake promises that dragged on until all he did was drain and take while he Lied/ Gaslighted me about obvious cheating and Triangulation with other women that took place in my face. I was under extreme duress if I even mentioned the blatant disrespect/ obvious inappropriate sexual behavior….The abuse became extreme in many ways, it was a drip drip situation. He cheated on me with a 50 year old prostitute whom he introduced as a “relationship coach” named River Del Llano, he leveraged her in the abuse by having her berate me with him and validating his abuse towards me. She was bitterly jealous of me, which I believed justified her logic in perpetuating the abuse that I was dealing with in my relationship and having an affair with my abuser, and wanting me to know about it because she was naked with him at Barton Springs. When I screamed and cried, he claimed “he didn’t find her attractive-he was bored-I had F*cked up conservative views-she was just a hippy* Prior to severely abusing me by shifting blame and blaming me for my normal reaction to an abnormal amount of bs. The abuse, cheating, manipulation, tourment, gaslighting, triangulation continued….

A few months the #MeToo movement happened, and the bad guy was beheaded. And my sanity was back in tact because I was clearly not the “Jealous one that had trust issues and overeacting” according to many other people, they have also experienced abuse by Rob Kampia as well, I wasn’t alone in this. The abuse I experiences wasn’t a figment of my imagination! Rob is a highly manipulative, Toxic, EVIL to the core abusive person.

This is my fair warning and sharing of my personal experienced.

~*The END.


AKA Jing Xia, Jing Sutherland, Jing Tesoriero, Jing Holberger, Jing Tessy

In March 2016 Jing Xia Tesoriero pleaded guilty to child abuse and neglect of her son. She has allowed several other children from Florida and Colorado to be sexually abused while in her care. Her former husband Kenneth Sutherland ( is serving a life sentence for child rape and abuse.

Her more recent conviction (Douglas County Case #16JV47) was for allowing her son to be abused by a boyfriend, a Douglas R. Holberger. She is currently employed by Saint Joseph Hospital (SCL) in Denver as a nurse. She was formerly employed by Martin Memorial (Martin Health Systems) where she was forced to resign after several HIPAA violations.

Please contact Saint Joseph (SCL HEALTH SYSTEM) at 303-812-2000 or and let them know what you think of this type of nurse practicing at their hospital.

It should also be noted that Jing Xia (Tesoriero) entered the US under forged documentation, a birth certificate, which she used to illegal obtained a student visa and later a green card. Her actually DOB 12/1/1980, which is currently under investigation by ICE.

Jing Xia Tesoriero
1818 S Quebec Way APT 4-4
Denver, Colorado 80231

(772) 208-0740

DOB: 12/1/1981
SS# 591-95-0072

Vehicle : Silver 4 Door Kia / Licience Plate: QML 555
Employer: Saint Joseph Hospital of Denver SCL Health Systems (303) 812-2000


Jeffrey D. Arrowood

I was in a relationship with Amanda Polk for 2 and 1/2 years. I knew Jeffrey Arrowood through social media for over 3 years. They started communicating 6 months before I ended the relationship and actually met in Orlando and Fort Walton Beach for a weekend rendezvous. I was in Colorado Springs during this time but Amanda ended up telling me that they were just f*** buddies. Now she’s claiming that he is her attorney and represents her and I asked her who sleeps with their attorney and who goes on a cruise with their attorney as well as Busch Gardens, dining, Dave & Buster’s, in a array of other locations. I might add here that I’m a private investigator and I knew before she told me exactly what she had done. Both Jeffrey Arrowood and Amanda Polk are liars, cheaters and betrayers. Jeffrey Arrowood was actually on a cruise with his former girlfriend when he broke the news to her that it was over. The guy has no clue and no class.

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