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Guy Matthew Warman

Stay far away from this person. Not only does he have outstanding credit card debt he is a sociopath. He doesn’t know what the truth is. He will con and manipulate you at his own expense. Additionally, he is a cheater in every sense.

Charlie bonis jr

Uses social media to cheat, tells you he deleted his account but actually blocks you so you can not find him. Used yelp app to try and lure in girls and Avakin life app to lure in teenagers for cyber s*x

Rachel Holbert Hendersonville NC USA

We lived together for 2 yrs, then had off/on thing for another yr. We had an open relationship, casual, not serious, friends with benefits, in house booty calls & a business arrangement which she failed to live up to our agreement. I told her she could “date” as many men as she wanted as long as she didn’t tell any where we lived & was safe. She later said she was HIV positive. Also brought at least 2 men to my house. This wasn’t part of our agreement. She needed to be discreet for my landlord’s sake & the church where I work. She’s into all kinds of sick s*x, torture, threesomes, swinging, you name it, is insatiable(none of which I minded, I even tried hiring someone) but had one hard & fast rule, nobody at my house. And always be available to satisfy my needs. I made it clear I was the head & what I said went. But she pushed the envelope constantly. Now I’m married & she gonna be my neighbor. She’s a liar, thief, STD carrier & breaks legal, binding contracts. She stole $$$ from her mother, stole 150k from her grandmother while we were together & talked about killing them for the rest. Stole her uncle’s car & was charged(I think, she said she went to jail). Don’t get involved with or do business with Rachel Holbert Hendersonville NC. My name is Barry Conner & I’m not afraid of being sued. In fact, if Rachel wants to take me to court, I say, BRING IT ON!!! She’ll be LAUGHED out of the courthouse!!!

Victoria Headrick

A true narcissist…never graduated from high school but joins a reunion planning group for a high school she didn’t graduate from. Tells people she want to be a doctor but has a 1.50 gpa from ITT tech. Plays the victim extremely well and will make up any lie that will serve her best. She falsely accused her ex husband of child abuse after she was caught cheating. Slept with a detective so she could continue to harass her ex. Has a criminal record in multiple states but keeps changing her name so no one will find out. Uses her children to receive welfare and sympathy from anyone willing to listen. She keeps the company of social workers and other victims of mental illness. Sociopath, be cautious.

Kayla motley

She’s a liar and gives false hopes of a future when in reality she’s nothing but a piece of s**t who works for her ex fiancé she lies to u if u ever say I love you and she says it back she’s lying and playing u like a fool she says she don’t have no one and she’s faithful that’s a lie she has so many guys on her s**t it’s ridiculous and she does nothing and she cares about no one

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