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Category: Liar

Mark Lundahl

He’s a Liar and a cheater, his accomplice is the married Linda Michell of Moline, Illinois. Convenient these to work together at Meyer’s Landscape and Design. Pretend, fake laying cheaters. Don’t believe either one of these people. They abuse alcohol and their spouses. These two have been seen together at bars and restaurants all over…

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Barbara Wallin NY

Dated her- didn’t know how old Barbara was-almost as old as my mom. Complaining about family, ex’s . I never met an older woman that was that off-no thanks! no more set ups/feathers for me.

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margaret faith macdonald

crystal meth addict make a life of being a junkie when she gets caught turns state evidence against everyone she knows set her own child up who is now serving a twelve year sentence for selling drugs for her

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Tonya Lynn farrell

That’s her mo to start a relationship not to do what you say start something she know she don’t want just to screw someone up to just to make heself happy someone gives her all there heart because she said that’s what she wanted but it was actually a lie you just keep leading them…

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Courtney morales fitchburg massachusetts U.S.A

Courtney Morales is a lying b***h instead of worrying about her kids she’s making up story about her so called husband ,He don’t even clam her as his wife, He SHOULD F*****G CHEAT ON YOU STUPID OLD B***H …and you guys are not even together to get cheated on your crazy man

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