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Roycella mc neil

Overland Park KS
San Antonio Texas.
Liar homewrecker escort. Don’t let her or her friend Julie Ramirez in your home. One wears a back brace. Your house beware


Ryan Wheele @ the above-mentioned address is essentially a bisexual s*x freak. He likes to go to Akron, Ohio area gay bars and try to pick up “twinks” because he’ll stick his likely infected p***s in any orifice that will let him, even more so when the victim is drunk, to protect himself legally. Mr. Wheele also has a conviction from selling counterfeit blood pressure pills with no concern for how that might affect others with erectile dysfunction issues.
Ryan Wheele also talks on a CB radio quite frequently on channel 17, where he met another CB radio operator at a gay bar. However, Mr. Wheele was unaware that he had met another CB radio operator at the gay bar until they got to the other fellow’s residence and Mr. Wheele recognized the radio equipment and everything else about the location, freaked out and left. Mr. Wheele is essentially a closet h**o/bisexual that will at least try to get oral s*x from whoever can. Mr. Wheele uses the CB handle (like a nickname) “RW”, first and last initials of course.
Beare of Ryan Wheele. He is a user of people for whatever gratification, with the possibility of his actions befalling him to the point of killing someone to keep them from talking about his rendezvous.


Timothy Wayne Fullen lives at 2342 Eastwood Ave. Akron, Ohio 44306. Is a big bullsh*tting liar that thinks he can “project energy towards others with the intent on harming them” (Magical Thinking), while often on CB Radio channel 17 screaming racial slurs and epithets, mocking people with disabilities, including veterans that served this county. He and his girlfriend live together at the above address, a house while she owns she herself likely receives welfare of some form or another while puts others down for doing so.
They lie about e everybody. One of their strategies used to be conning their way into another’s home and then get on the CB Radio with lies about them making them out to be perverted in various realms. Nobody with a sense of self-worth should associate with them as they both suffer from severe delusional disorders.
Timothy Wayne Fullen is a convicted felon, mostly violence and possessing a weapon under a disability, that of course belongs to his girlfriend Edith Mills. They are filled with hatred and are prejudiced in all the old classic forms that are essentially dying off. Yet still others should use caution with them.

Barry wilkinson

Barry wilkinson is a liar/scammer! He’s abusive among other things. Well his first relationship he beat this woman so bad and she was trapped scared to leave because of what would happen when he caught up with her. They had a child together a little boy I believe. He gave the child up with no care in the world witch is probably a good thing! Next was with me I’m well was a nurse at a very good hospital I made great money.He wouldn’t let me have a dime. He would beat me so bad! He took me for thousands. I was finally able to get away thank goodness! After so he made it so I wasn’t able To see my grandchildren. He scams people all the time acts like he’s going to fix things gets the money and runs. He’s got a really bad addiction to crack. He’s cheated on me with men. He’s a nasty nasty man please beware of him.

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