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Debi L Allen Huntsville Alabama USA

This B***h has been trying to Destroy my marriage for years now!!! She has sent my husband naked pictures of her nasty decrepit self…calls and text messages him all the time. He has shown me all the messages and pictures. Debi is the type of Homewrecking s**t that will lay down or drop to her knees for any MAN!!! (This is why she is DIVORCED She couldn’t keep her legs closed ) Of course if she thinks he is wealthy or a powerful man that can do something for her!!! She will do what ever it takes to break-up that marriage or relationship!!! She is known for having STD’s…She has went as far as stealing a ROLEX Watch from REEDS JEWELERS FOR A MAN SHE WAS SEEING!!! ALL I’M GOING TO SAY IS SHE IS A HOMEWRECKER/RELATIONSHIP DESTROYING S**T NASTY AT THAT!!! She has plenty of SOCIAL MEDIA PROFILES!!!

Brittany Nicole Barnett, Omaha, Texas, USA

My husband and I helped Brittany. When we met her, she was eating out of the garbage and was homeless. I helped her get her GED, I helped her get a free surgery to fix her broken vertebrae, we bought her a little home. She started working for my husband helping him in his business. I found out a year ago that my husband and her had been having an affair for quite a while. I considered this woman family. She just didn’t consider me family. I’ve been told by several people that she wants to be the next wife. She cannot be trusted. She is a liar and a cheat. She’s a horrible mother. Pregnant by two different men, neither of which is in her life anymore. Her longest relationship has been six months. Don’t go near this woman. Be warned!!! My husband is an a*****e as well but this post is about the b***h.


Gaby Chahoud makes a lot of people laugh. He lies 24/7 to his family friends and strangers
He dose not want the real truth about him to be exposed to everyone but that’s all going to change

Chris L Dudley. Knoxville TN

This married man befriended my wife online, after a year of talking decided that he was going to crank up the flirting to be real, He or they were cleaver to make him be friends with me. He came in my home and got his love on took my wife away for a romantic trip, even had the b***s to introduce her to his mom as someone he loves. I caught their love when I snooped my wife’s iPad and found the details of their love and sexual acts. He is an awful person.


Venessa LeBlanc – TX This woman broke up a marriage in the past, and another one is amid divorce due to her tactics. (with unsuspecting wife and kids left destitute and almost homeless while she drains him of everything. gave him all kinds of sob stories about need to keep him helping her with her motive to destroy the marriage and use his money) She’s supposed to be christian and works in the church office. a “church” in Missouri City that “approves” adultery and pushes for marriages dissolving when they can gain some of the finances secured in the process. She knew he was married and to whom. She has drained his money. Some say she’s using some sort of witchcraft on him. A check with New Orleans people say they can see it all over him. G*d could not tell you a married man is your husband. And if He did – stay out and away until his is totally free.

She has made no secret of her cheating relationship as there are many signs all over the internet. May the real G*d deal with her mightily for her adultery, for her conniving, for her thieving, and for her part in negatively impacting the lives of a innocent woman and children. She can tell all the lies she wants. Her friends help lie on the wife to get him mad, helped keep her and him in close quarters all the time. If she was any kind of Christian – she would never allow herself to be in the situation. Even when they were rying to talk it out and maybe work things out – she was right there to s*x and lie to keep he and wife separated.

Someone sent a nasty text to the kids using his phone. Cant say she did it, but who else would have had access to his phone and details that she referenced.

If she was any kind of woman, she would not be laying on a mattress bought and sexed on by he and his LEGAL wife. Any kind of woman would not sacrifice the quality of life of 3 innocent people for their own selfishness.

He is posted under his own name already.

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