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aurora salazar, aurora IL

she got my boyfriend so drunk that he could barely walk and took advantage of him. she has tried this multiple times so she can break us up. it hasn’t escalated past kissing otherwise i would have told him to report it as rape.

Capri Lapier, Reno, Nevada

She is the nastiest girl I’ve ever met. I’ve been friends with her for 19 years and I can’t take her anymore. She has s*x with anyone, anything, male or female. Every boyfriend/girlfriend she has ever had she has cheated on repeatedly. Her v****a is shot out. It looks like a hunk of beat up hamburger meat. Talk about meat curtains! You could cover a sliding glass window with those things! Then there is the putrid smell emulating from it. Yes I’ve hit it a few times from either being drunk or desperate. All my Friend’s have hit it too! Once at a party she did 8 of us one at a time and thought she was hiding it from us. The joke is on her, the only reason we invite her out is because she is a for sure thing. I do feel sorry for the 4 men and 2 women she has dated. Yes… Only 4 men and 2 women and she is 30! She likes older guys the most. She sucked off my dad, me, and my neighbor all in the same day. Oh yeah… She slept with my friends that has DRD. No I haven’t touched it since then. This girl needs Church and a amazing plastic surgeon. Oh and maybe a douch, dentist, personal trainer, and a job… She has never had a job.

Dorthy Eva Pierson ORACLE, ARIZONA

from her jealousy of her bf ex gf Andrea gonzales & joshua baldwin who has AIDS she reported to police and lied to them to get audrea taken away so she can’t see her kids again. She lies to who she thinks is her man joshua so he can cause problems with Andrea. Meanwhile back in her hometown her bf found out about her CHEATING. Not only is she now AIDS but wrecked a family out of poor self respect and lack of parenting. Not only is this woman def to cause drama she is also ignorant to think that baldwin can ever think about loving an taking anyone SERIOUS including his kids. He raped an under aged girl. Now sexually harrasing his gf dorthys daughter. I hope dorthy grows up to see her grandchild will be next if she does not start taking responsibility as a parent and start saving her kids!

Shauna Derbyshire Louisville KY

Look out ladies of Louisville this b***h likes to lure men having marital problems into her bed. She’s married with three kids but some how finds time to meet married men and ruin marriages. She met my friends husband on Ashly Madison and carried on a three year affair with him.

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