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Nya Hargan, Rockford, Illinois

Nya is a homewrecking w***e. She was my friend throughout high school and my boyfriend and I hung out with her & her boyfriend as couples and it was fun. Fast forward another year into our relationship & I find pictures/texts/he forgot to pick me up from work and his friend told me he was with her… I begged him to talk to me, to try to work it out, but he’s a serial cheater. He refused to even talk to me about our situation and then moved in with her within only DAYS of my moving out. He then tattooed an “N” for Nya on his wedding ring finger, and she tattooed his initial as well. They claimed to be soul mates while I was absolutely crushed. She has a history of heroin abuse and is proud of her ability to “Suck d**k like a p**n star”. She thinks she is so beautiful and unique and wonderful. She TRULY thinks she is the best thing to ever happen to a man… She isn’t with my ex any longer, but in the end, he cheated on her with me and they split because of it. Karma is a b***h.

Jeanette Muniz, Palatine, Illinois

This is Jeanette Muniz…HOMEWRECKER!!! My husband and I have been together for 7 years and have a beautiful child. I had to have major surgery and during my long and painful recovery my husband cheats on me with her. I caught it in the early stages, they only went out for on a few dates, and I saw text messages on his phones that they sent to each other. Ok, so the first time she didn’t realize he was married, ok fine. So, my husband and I have been trying to work things out ever since and she’s still calling and they are still calling each other. His number has been changed and still they are talking to each other. There is no excuse for this s***k now…she knows he’s married and still pursuing. This nasty w***e has sent naked pictures of herself. You would think she would want to set a good example for her own child, but obviously not. The only two these two are considering are themselves and not who it hurts…especially how much this is hurting my child. Beware of her…this woman seems to get around…one second she’s single and the next she’s engaged and hooking up with a married man at the same time!!

Amanda Sechrest, Bridgeport, Illinois

This girl has had an affair with my husband twice. The first time was while I was pregnant with our third baby. He ended it and we moved on. Then she started texting and calling him again three years later and they started having an affair again. He ended things with her again after I found out 10 months later and threatened to leave him. She knows he is married and has a family and she doesn’t care! She leaves her two kids to travel to see my husband for days at a time!

Erika Benito Omalli, Chicago, Illinois

Roque Lara & Erika Benito Omalli broke up a happy home of 12 years, while I was struggling with a high risk pregnancy. He was out at the local bar with this waitress. He then left me for her when our 2nd child was 4 months old. Currently they say they have a child together when there is a very strong rumor that baby isn’t even his. These two go to church every Sunday pray and turn around and make a living h**l of mine & my children’s lives while he is currently still married to me…..

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