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Frances Garcia, Arizona

This homewrecking s**t came into my life in 2008. My husband and I were married 1 yr at the time this happened together 3yrs. At the time I had two wonderful kids and I was pregnant with my youngest. My husband met this s**t at work. Yes she knew about me and my kids. I went to his work all the time to have lunch with him. I’m not sure when it started or who ignited it first. I cant get the truth from my husband and she denies she ever did anything wrong. So this is what I know. In February 2008 my husband started going out a lot more and sometimes not coming home till the morning. We started arguing a lot about him going out. In March I had my youngest and he calmed downed a lot but It only lasted two weeks when he started this cycle all over again. In May 2008 he told me he didn’t know if he wanted to be with me. I was stunned since we just got married 1 yr ago. Around June there was a rumor going on at his work that this s**t and my husband were sleeping together and she was pregnant. I confronted him and of course he denied it. About a week later he told me that he didn’t want to be with me and moves out and moves in with this s**t and her child.

I was a stay at home mom with no income because of her he cut me off financially. I had a 2yr old, 1yr old and a 3 month old. I had a hard time providing for my kids when I asked him for help with food, diapers or anything she would tell me that he couldn’t help his kids. She would even call me to talk c**p about me and my kids. I went through a lot because of this s**t could find her own guy she had to go after mine. Watch out for this one she has four kids from four different baby daddy’s. My husband came home after 3 yrs with this s**t. She cheated on him and got pregnant by someone else.

My husband and I are trying to work things out but I’m not sure if we are going to stay together since I can’t seem to forgive him for putting me through h**l. And as for Frances I hope karma kicks her in the a*s twice as hard.

Amanda Dowden Muir, Florida

The homewrecker is an ex-girlfriend of my husband’s from high school. She and him reconnected again on Facebook after I was set for my hysterectomy back in December. They began text messaging each other and sending messages through Facebook. Well one thing lead to another and they began meeting up with each other in February. This keep going on until I became aware in March. Once I found out my husband advised me that he was moving out and taking ouR oldest son with him. I was letting him go but I wanted to know where my son was going to be. When he told me that they moved in with her I was heartbroken. Well needless to say our son was back to live with me after a day and hubby was back a couple days later. He realized that the grass wasn’t greener on the other side! She continued to text him after he came home wanting to meet up. I finally had enough and confronted her on the phone advising her to leave him alone because we were trying to work things out and her response was if I was any kind of a wife I wouldn’t need to worry about it. I told him it was either her or me and the family. He chose to stay right where he belongs with his family and wife! Our daughter had even contacted her during the time she was texting him after he came home and asked that she stay out of it because we were working things out. She told him she didn’t want the kids to hate her because she was a homewrecker. They had intercourse twice while he was gone.

Hannah Anthony, Little Rock, Arkansas

I was logging into my email from our laptop, which I rarely do. I always use my phone. My husband’s email automatically logged in and I saw an email from Hannah. I got a weird feeling, so I opened it. There were tons of emails back and forth. She was telling my husband things like “every time you touch me, I lose my breath” and “I would satisfy every part if you. Emotionally, sexually…I just want you”. I confronted my husband, who lie about even knowing this person. Please, I’m not an idiot. I confronted this girl. She was upset nausea she didn’t want her boyfriend finding out. Like she cares about him considering she’s been having a relationship with my husband! And, she didn’t give a second thought to ruining a marriage! I even sent her boyfriend a message telling him what had been going on. After I called her out, she got her friend, (removed) to text my husband and tell him he was done and how hurt she was that his wife called her a homewrecker. (removed) sent numerous threading messages toward me. It’s amazing how this turned into the wife’s fault. Simply because they were caught cheating. I was the one doing everything for him and his children and I was the one being betrayed. But it was my fault for finding out. They also used this Kik app so no one could see their messages. She was stupid enough to post pictures of them together on Facebook. He would leave an hour early in the morning to call/go see her. They were saying how much they love each other, which hurt the most. It’s different when it’s meaningless s*x compared to my husband sleeping with someone he says he’s in love with. They met at (removed) College and continued the relationship after my husband had graduated. I was lied to by someone I took vows with. Who was supposed to love me unconditionally. Of course we had small issues, every marriage does, but cheating doesn’t fix anything. There’s no trust left. I’m supposed to forgive and forget all the lies and betrayal. I can’t. It’s not just her fault, it’s his too, but she knew he was married. She knew he had two children. She knew exactly what she was doing. Hannah Lee Anthony will always be nothing more than a homewrecker and everyone should know.

Stacey Lynn Gaither

My husband had an affair with this trailer park trash for close to 8 weeks. She was dating his brother at the time of the affair. We were friends before the affair started. When I knew her she would get drunk and drive around town with her 18 month old daughter. She also slept with another one of my husbands brothers. In one week she not only was dating my brother-in-law, but sleeping around with my husband and one of the other brothers. Three different guys in one week! She spends all her time in the bars and will go home with anybody. She has a rap sheet a mile long and I can’t count the number of times I know she’s been in trouble with the law. She even tried to kill her baby’s daddy by running him over with her car, while the child was in the car.She is nothing but a piece of trailer park trash! This is a warning for those that live in the area, stay away from her!

Lizbeth Garcia Juarez, California

both made the choice to do what they did. I choose to stay with my husband. And he has gone through h**l for the past two years mending his errors and he still isn’t done. In 2009 I married who I thought would love and protect me. He was 18 and I was 19. That same year in December our first baby girl was born. In 2011 I was pregnant with our second baby. My husband had just started a new job, which is where he met her. I know my husband has the biggest fault in this because he was the married one with a family at home. But her as a woman she knew he was married. I would had understand if my husband lied to her, but he didn’t. The affair started mid September lasted around 3 months, which resulted in a pregnancy. When I found out our newborn baby girl was just a month old. It just broke me and threw me into a horrible depression that till this day I’m still dealing with. So why should she get out clean. I texted her to hear her side of the story, got her number from my husband’s phone records. I had no idea who she was, till she told me we had played in the same tennis team in high school and she sent me a picture of herself. Couldn’t believe it was her. During high school I never talked to her, but she seemed like a decent person. I guess looks can be deceiving. She told me that she had started liking two of her co-workers, one being my husband and the other one who was also in a relationship. She would flirt with both, but she decided for my husband since she thought he was cute. I just love the way she would play the hurt victim because my husband lied to her. She told me how she felt bad and how she was always sad during the affair. What I couldn’t believe the most was how she wanted to get pregnant. Why would you choose to have a child and have that innocent baby (removed), because of your choices. She says she isn’t religious and yet she baptised her child in the Catholic religion. Hmmm. Well then again at (removed) where they worked at she had a history of messing around with married men. So the child she was expecting we weren’t sure if it was my husband’s or someone else. But I guess she wasn’t sure either because on Facebook she was telling someone else that she was his daughter. Just recently there was a DNA test done because of child support. Sadly, she is my husband’s. He is now paying child support, which is just another bill at our home. At first I was willing to welcome her into our family. But after the years my children don’t know about what their daddy did, but I have seen my oldest affected by it. I will always choose the well being of my children over anyone else’s. For now I will concentrate on my health and my children. She recently started working at (removed) near Coalinga. She shows off her child’s picture to the godfather of my girls happily saying that was my husband child as though she was a trophy. As though she had won something. Well let me do this, since you so desperately want to win something, here it is. You won your own special little spot at SAHW. This is where woman like you belong. As for me, I now have three amazing little ones that help me keep going. My marriage is healing slowly but surely. We are becoming stronger and learning to seek each other when things get hard. In some way you actually helped us. I thank you for that. And I will never need to put my head down again because I have done nothing wrong or something to be ashamed of. As for anyone who has their man near her, be careful with this one, she’s a special type.

Denise Thonus, Roselle, Illinois

I had been with my boyfriend for a year and a half, was 9 months pregnant with our now 5 week old son. Denise was a friend of my boyfriends from high school that the two of them had lost touch. She caught her husband cheating on her and was depressed so she found my boyfriend on Facebook supposedly just looking to reconnect with an old friend. I met her, she even came to my house to see my newest sons nursery, we all hung out by a bonfire where she talked about what an immoral piece of c**p her husband was for cheating on her.

About a week after my son was born I saw all the text messages between my boyfriend and Denise, they had started having s*x just 9 days before my son was born, a week later (2 days before my scheduled C-section) she brought her kids to a cookout where they played with my kids and she talked to my face like a new friend would. The day he brought me and our son home from the hospital I thought it was strange that he went home and didn’t come back to my house until three in the morning…I found out from text messages that it was because she was at his house. When I found all these texts and confronted him (told him to leave my house) he swore he loved me, didn’t want to lose me, would never see her again since she meant nothing to him, was just a piece of a*s. I loved him and still do very much so I decided to give him another chance. Then his yearly Fourth of July trip out of state to visit with family came up. I didn’t think he was going since he had a newborn at home. He told me the morning of the trip that he loved me and would be back in a week, a day later I found out that he took his “piece of a*s” on his week-long vacation to meet some of his family. His mom, cousin, and sister were all at my house during his vacation to visit with the baby and they are all disgusted by his actions. His mom actually told me how ashamed of him she is.

How do I get passed this? I feel so many emotions…not good enough, heartbroken, empty, angry…how do I let this go when I can’t cut all ties because of our son? How do I get over him picking his “piece of a*s” over me and I feel like over his son too?

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