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Cheryl Reko-Shakopee, Minnesota

This trashy W***E is a married woman that slept with her friend’s husband and tried to convince him to leave this wife so they could be together. This trashy W***E was friends with the wife for years and in the same social circle. This trashy W***E pretended to be friends during her entire 4 month affair with her friend’s husband- commenting on every facebook post made by the wife, chatting with her on snapchat and fitbit, chatting and taking pictures together while at sporting events….doing all this while the entire time she was s******g her friends husband. This trashy W***E was so disrespectful to her friend that she even slept with her friend’s husband in her friend’s home while she was at work.
Then several months after the affair ended, this trashy W***E transferred to the same work location as the man, supposedly for a promotion but really just so she could be close to the man and try to take another run at having another affair with him. Thankfully the husband was filled with shame and remorse and was trying to save his marriage, so wanted nothing to do with this trashy W***E any longer and shut her down.. What a disgusting trashy adulterous immoral W***E..

Joan S. Anderson

This w***e lives in Hampton, Virginia. She f****d my husband and is continuously trying to f**k him after she found out he was married. She has multiple STDs and uses her job to steal peoples information

Liz Krewson-Ross

I’m a home wrecker. I manipulated my husband into marrying me. I needed a daddy for first child, so I found a man that was just as insecure as myself and knew exactly what I was doing. He tried to leave me but acted in a desperate manner even trying to sabotage his friend’s reputation. I have poor judgment, I lack accountability. I lie about what a good person I am. I’m really not. I make irresponsible and erratic decisions. I have psychotic tendencies. I have been known to vandalize property. I even went as far as to hire a 22 yr old to have s*x with my husband because he’s so unhappy.

Roxanne Larsen Ventura CA USA

This weak excuse for a woman cheated with my husband repeatedly…she dated him while he was engaged to me, texted on our honeymoon and then rekindled her “twu wuv” affair while I was undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer. She has no integrity, moral compass, compassion or empathy. She has children …no daughters thankfully but sons who are destined to repeat her lying selfish childish behavior.

Micah Danielle Oliver

I was with my boyfriend for 7 years when I found out she was cheating with him. I politely approached her in which she confirmed she knew nothing about me. One year later, I discovered she never stop sleeping with him. He’s mostly to blame however, she lacks morals. We have a beautiful daughter that misses her dad,

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