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Category: HomeWreckers

Mary Lindsey Aycock Fort Worth Texas

My husband and I have been married for 6 years together 11 years, my husband was managing a popular restaurant when a s***k a*s fake t*****s having methed out known prostitute frequented the restaurant. Just so happend to be a low budget hoe-tel across the street where she would smoke and sell meth as well…

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kirstin danielle ducote Athens, GA

Kirstin Danielle Ducote is a w***e. She slept with my friend’s husband after knowing he was married. He attempted to tell her no but she would strip down in front of him. He is guilty too but this b***h blackmailed him into continuing to sleep with her. Not only was she f*****g my friend’s husband…

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Linda Hickey, Seymour, Missouri

It not gossip… it the truth Linda Hickey is a Home Wrecker and the list goes on… She sleeps with anything with a d***, ummm hmmm… she has no self respect. She will be your friend to your face and be trying to f*** your hubby behind your back. Watch it if ya don’t make…

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Kayla Newton, Wheatfield, Indiana

Kayla Newton goes around chasing after men behind her husband’s back. She sends out nudes and has affairs. Then she lies about everything to cover it all up. What a s**t ! She pretends to be a Christian but she is not . A great big phony . Just Wait till you see who’s next…

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