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Julie Rae Ramirez

Overland Park Kansas homewrecker flyer drug addict their. Don’t let her in your home. she called my information out of the trash can inside to steal from me

Felicia Spruill (White Plains,MD)

Felicia Spruill is a hoe and a homewrecker.

These are just some of the reasons why:

First, she f****d John Davis multiple times even though his girlfriend called her and told her to stop. John Davis was a basketball player at her college, Towson University. She even went back to the college campus after she graduated just to f**k him.

Second, she invited a guy named Julian Scott from her college (Towson University) over to her apartment. Not only did she know that Julian had a girlfriend, her friend warned me to not invite him over. And, guess what she did with him at the apartment…

Third, she went on several clearly romantic dates with a coworker who she knew was engaged. They also sexted. This happened when she worked as a Program Assistant at Virginia Tech Research Center in Arlington, VA. The guy’s name is Jurgens Vestil. They even made plans to go on a road trip together, just the two of them (and of course it wasn’t for work). And, she told him that she wanted to suck his d**k among other things. Her own mother knew she was a hoe and told her to stop, Felicia Spruill is disgusting. This hoe really thought it was OK to date an engaged man.

Amanda Grose, Cifton Park, New York, USA

This woman got with a man that was already taken behind their back. When she found out this woman pursued him, she was devastated and it caused heartbreak. With this said, it did not phase her. She had planned to spend the rest of her life with him, and possibly got knocked up, but who knows if he’s the father if that were true. She really could care less. She made have done this to others. I really don’t know and wouldn’t be surprised. Hopefully she doesn’t ruin another relationship again.

Kristi Grad Garrison

Let me tell you about Kristi Grad Garrison! This women who is married by the way ! Had s*x with Coach Kel Phillips and gave him money just so her son could get moved up to Kel’s 05 Select Rapids Youth South Team! So if this woman has a kid on your children’s sports team just be aware that she probably f****d her way onto the team!

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