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Hamouda Miloudi. Fez Morocco

Always asks for expensive presents and if you do not send them he calls you a “w***e” and “liar”. I stupidly send him money for a nice leather jacket and he used the money for something else. In Morocco he spent $300.00 US in a week buying cloth and going out with friends. He claims he’s in school but can never do his homework because he needs money for WIFI. No job and zero intention of getting on. Spends his time with his friends and sleeping until 3pm. Oh and he’s such a good Muslim he’ll try to talk you into getting naked and letting him watch you use a vibrator on yourself during Ramadan.

Arik leidecker Akron Ohio Vacaville California USA

Let’s talk about this tuff guy and his funny man to man post on Facebook . Man to Man b***h boy when was the last time you paid a nickel on any of your kids ?? Man to man you use women and live off of them and sit home like a little kid playing video games thinking your tuff . You look like a f****t on Facebook . You talk s**t behind a screen and keyboard but have you ever beat anyone up . The one job you had was at a haunted f*****g school house . You have STD so man to man suck another d**k b***h boy

Marlo Purnell. Martinsburg, WV, USA

Flat out w***e! This nasty trick popped up about two years ago and will f**k anything with a d**k. Don’t let this s**t near you.

Some people say he has a boyfriend but his Grindr acct might suggest otherwise. If this boyfriend exists, I pity him.

Judging by his appearance around town lately all the sleeping around might be catching up to him. Wrap it if you tap it. Gross!

Dominick Mabry Las Vegas, NV

Do not trust this man he is a deadbeat dad and a b*m who left his girlfriend and kids to mess around with countless other women and tries to get sympathy as if he’s a single dad. He also asks everyone for money nonstop to the point where no one wants anything to do with him including his own family. He works at the Wal-Mart on E. Lake Mead and actively harasses coworkers on the job and is looking for someone to take care of him and pay for EVERYTHING. DO NOT LOAN THIS MAN ANY MONEY HE WILL NOT PAY YOU BACK and will change his number if you start pressuring him to repay. A sheep in wolves clothing and a drug addict.

Jake Allan Mccord, Pacifica CA US

Jake is an alcoholic, drug addict and a criminal. He lives off mommy and daddy but evades paying child support for his own daughter. And he’s violent. He had 7 counts of domestic violence against his pregnant girlfriend.

David Hinote, Texas

David Hinote IS A Dead Beat Dad. So he has a master’s degree in computers so he was as a ghost tries to ruin women’s lives that reject him all the while while his children are being raised in Wisconsin by their grandparents mind you for little girls that he has no contact with he’ll tell them he’s coming doesn’t show up then the last thing that he did was he post naked pictures of his ex-wife all over Facebook and got his Facebook account closed down and is facing felony charges complete loser of a dad complete loser of a man does not work even though he has a degree and is capable of making great money all he does is watch p*** all day on his couch

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