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Archie Ignacio Quintana, Miami Beach, Florida

Ladies, beware of this spoiled, obese, overfat 50+ year old Cuban brat who lives in Miami. He is a sharp manipulator who smooths his way into women thru lying, cheating, deceiving, & misleading. The stats: he has been married several times, has multiple children & has had multiple arrests. He also dates multiple women just enough to get the sheets wet, and then he’s out! He is irresponsible with money and even more so with his women as he refuses to use protection. He also has a hidden past that we still know too much about (see his mugshot attached) This man is very shady; having no permanent home, no driver’s license, and only paying with cash, at most of South Beach’s popular bars & restaurants, where he lives and works. But we do know that he drinks too much and is verbally (& physically!) violent with women if they should ever disagree with his snotty behavior. His family is worth an estimated $40 billion. Its sad that this fat bully should have so much financial & dating success. Sometimes, villians do finish first. But for how long?…

Christian Anthony, Las Vegas, Nevada – You can’t say you haven’t been warned.

Christian portrays himself as a fun loving guy, when behind it all is a sociopath…waiting to victimize you and destroy you financially, emotionally and mentally. He will lie lie lie and not even realize he is lying because it is part of his character. He is void of emotion and has no conscious. His action, however ruthless, will never cause him guilt or remorse. He is obsessed with p*********y and prostitutes and will always be on the look out for more s*x and more s*x. Girls, beware of this man and know that he is up to just using you and then discarding you like gum on the freeway. He will get out of you what he can and then move on to his next victim! You can’t say you haven’t been warned.

Chris Torres, – Don’t fall for his lies, his charm

Chris, christian, aka kc, aka miguel is a true blue player. Dont fall for his lies, his charm, gift of gab or his s*x appeal. Look his name up on judicary case search. real name and aka! if that don’t scare you off, maybe his lifetime std will. if that dont…i warned you! and i truely feel sorry for you!

Kyle Copeland, Jacksonville, Florida

Kyle Copeland, originally from Moultrie GA, is a cheater and will always be a cheater. He brings all the girls he cheats with to Savannah and stays at the Hyatt. This is because he can’t be caught in Jacksonville by his current girlfriend. He uses the excuse he is visiting his friend in Valdosta. He also says that his mom isn’t well and he has to spend a lot of time with her in Atlanta. While low and behold he is out with some other woman. He has no respect for women. He just uses them until he can’t use them anymore. If you decide to date him you should get tested for STD’s and HIV often.

Sheila Fenton, Avon Lake, Ohio and Utica New York

Sheila Fenton, when her ex was out of town stole every piece of furniture and household belongings. She also stole his BlackBerry and $12,500 in cash. Her mother, Freide has also reported that Sheila has been prostituting out of Mulligan’s Pub in Avon, Ohio. Sheila has a sexually transmitted disease as well. There is a $10,000 cash reward offered for the return of the property as well as the identification of those accomplices who assisted in the theft. Sheila Fenton also was witnessed vandalizing ex’s BMW. She has Borderline Personality Disorder, lies, cheats- and obviously- steals. She uses various men to achieve short term goals and has called in- and ultimately recanted- Domestic Violence charges on the last 4 men in her life when they ended their relationships with her. She is also trying to revoke her ex-husbands military disability pension- he’s a disabled former Marine. Her children have abandoned her. She is an alcoholic and smokes 3 packs of cigarettes a day. She is not employed and has no income. Rather, she hooks, steals, and demands that the men in her life fund her needs. Her pattern has been repeated with the last 4 men in her life. She is being investigated for these thefts as well as being under investigation from Bank of America for check fraud on exes account as well as Capital One for credit card fraud. Just ask her:{REMOVED BY ADMIN}. She also hangs out in the Avon Lake area in such bars as Third Base and Tailgators where she picks up her johns. Believed to be involved in her theft are men named {REMOVED BY ADMIN}, {REMOVED BY ADMIN} from Berea, {REMOVED BY ADMIN} from Watteredge Co in Avon Lake, and an attorney named {REMOVED BY ADMIN}. As stated, there is a $10,000 cash reward for information leading to the recovery of the property and prosecution of those responsible.

Kristen Gilbert, Elsmere, Kentucky

My ex is a beautiful woman but doesn’t have a lot going for her other than that. She an ex-stripper, but she still has it in her blood. I am at work and I have my neighbors telling me she’s bringing guys into my house. While I try to support the family she is disrespecting me and our family. She even slept with one of my so-called friends. This b***h is a low down dirty w***e. Can’t miss the tattoo over her t**s that says CRAZY B***H. No s**t steer clear of this one.

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