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Chris Rafter, Scottsdale, Arizona

Beware of this guy is a complete and total waste of space and life. This man uses women for money, s*x, anything he can get his hands on. He tells them lies after lies to charm his way into your life and your children lives as well. He goes on Facebook and looks for women that he knows he can victimized. He is a sorry excuse of a man. He pursued me, not the other way around. He took me on date after date, had me around his family so I thought he was serious but he is a liar, he is the worst.

Nancy Sellers, Texas – She’s a W***e

Honestly, I don’t even know where to begin. This woman went to high school with my husband. Last year we moved back home from Germany (he is military). I don’t believe that she ever actually slept with my husband, but I know she has been trying like h**l. She stalks us both on Facebook. Texts him constantly, telling him he needs to add her on FaceBook and delete me. I know that they talked for a long time, and for a while they stopped. Now she is back in our lives again. She has sent me horrible messages (much worse than the one below) she has constantly put me down, all because she wants my husband. The issue is, she is a soldier chaser, she has 4 kids and no way to actually support them on her own without sucking someones d**k to help her out. My husband has awesome benefits, and it would help her out. She will literally do whatever it takes to get what she wants…and she doesn’t care who she hurts in the process. My husband and I have 3 kids together….all I can think about is, why would anyone want to hurt 3 innocent babies? There is a lot to this story that I don’t know, a lot of things that have happened that I can’t prove…its all speculation. But what I do know for a fact, is this girl is a horrible person, she doesn’t give a f**k if the man is married…if she wants him, she is going after him for whatever it is she wants. She’s a w***e

This is a message she personally sent to me.

“Your crazy, jealous and obsessed with me. I’m not telling you anything about me and Jake so think what you want. If he didn’t want me or to talk to me then he’d leave me alone but obviously he don’t want to leave me alone. If I wanted him right now he’d be here. Thanks. You will never be his only one.”
My husband and I have been together for 10 years married for 8, almost 9. Our relationship hasn’t been perfect by any means, especially since we were 15 when we got together.

Jimmy Hill, Chickamauga, Georgia

I have dated Jimmy for years. He is Bisexual but lies about it to everyone. He tries to hide it by marrying 5 times to women. He dated a girl I knew but every time he met up with her he wanted another guy to be in bed with them too. Jimmy has 5 or more woman going at the same time all the time. I am so tired of being the third or fourth wheel in his selfish world. He has no regard for anyone s feelings. Jimmy thinks he is better than everyone, smarter, better looking and deserves to have anyone and everyone as his play toy. He has used and ruined many peoples life. So be warned if you meet him. He moves super fast. He says, You are so beautiful. You kiss so good and I have never felt like this I feel so safe and comfortable with you. He falls in love the first couple of weeks. Right! But he can never be found. Keep your eyes open and legs closed if you don’t want to catch something.

Heather Evelyn Gentner, Washington – Don’t date her if you meet her!

This w***e plays men and portrays to be so sincere but, is really the biggest cheater!!! She claims to be victimized every time she calls me but, I know I am not the only one out there she is cheating with. I realized how much of a snake she is and kicked her to the curb before she gave me something! She likes to sleep around while acting innocent and sweet! She flips out on you for no reason but, will blame you for her problems! Don’t date her if you meet her!

April Brown Rogers, Kansas – Runaround S***k

I was in a 18 year relationship.Then my dad had been diagnosed with Melanoma. He had taken a turn for the worst. So, my brother called me to come to Nebraska. So while I went to be by my dying fathers side, this little 24 year old w***e (Merriam- Webster: A woman who engages in sexual acts for money.) moved in on my man. Well while I was there started getting phone calls and texts telling me about their affair. So I came back to Kansas to find out. Of course they lied and denied any and all rumors.That very night my father died. Then the day after we buried my dad, my 50 year old ex comes and tells me that they have been having an affair. She’s pregnant and he is leaving. He walked out the door and moved in next door with the w***e. She was married to his nephew. She walked out on him and 2 little girls. Telling him she didn’t want to be a wife or mother. But the second she leaves him she started f*****g every man in sight. She moved in next door to us. I babysat her 5 year old daughter for free to help her out. Little did I know that she was helping herself to my man at the same time. So watch out ladies if you see this w***e, hide your men and children. She only thinks of her own selfish wants and doesn’t care who she hurts. She has ran off to f**k for money, the real babies daddy and left my ex to watch her kid. He is so stupid that he thinks she loves him and he plans to sign the birth certificate.

James Hilsabeck, San Clemente, California

James, aka Jim or refers to self as JUNGLE JIM this loser Born and raised on Orange County area he went to school in Tustin , he has lived in Hawaii list 10 years he moved to Huntington Beach in July 2014 after his own daughter kicked him out of her house he then moved to San Clemente with roommates one a hair salon owner . This guy has been playing myself and a handful of other women mostly from POF . He preys on married , single , widowed and young girls, he has admitted having AIDS….BEWARE LADIES HE IS ON LOOSE…….he also claims to be a Sammy Hagar look a like lol. NOT ! He hangs at the beach also stalking ladies !!”

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