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Alison Hess, Walnut Creek, California

Where do I even start. This girl repeatedly cheated on me with my friends and my mailman and she shared her pictures with every guy she could. She was such a s**t. Had 16 guys im not kidding, 16 that she was sleeping with all that the same time. She was terrible at sucking d**k, but that p***y stayed wet. This w***e thought it was funny to play head games with me. Now whose laughing b***h. Make sure that you’re using protection if you hook up with this b***h…you’ll thank me.


Kathryn Alexis Leima, Athens, Georgia

Kathryn Alexis Leima (23 age) met my boyfriend Jochen (32 age) at work when he was in the USA for working. He comes to work there from Germany, he is a German. She started to make him nice eyes and contact him, then they went out, kissed. After a few days she has open her legs for him and this for 2 or 3 times. They had s*x without protection, licking and they slept together in his boss house and at the hotel. They went together to many trips and they went out for dinner and to have a nice time together while I was waiting at home for his calls. It was a romance for 2 or 3 weeks with everything we can imagine. After this time he had to fly back home. It was the 10/24/2014. He comes home without telling me anything. I had to find out all by myself….I contacted her because I have found her cellphone number and her E-Mail address. The one good thing is that she told me everything! Only this is positive. The negative is that she knows about me all the time. She knows that we are so long in our relationship and that there is a child, but she tried to seduce him and she managed it! Congrats little girl! They both have ruined my life. But Karma is a b***h and everything we do in our life will come back to ourselves again one day. At last I have to excuse me for my bad English….I hope all of you can understand my emotional state and the hate that I carry with me right now!! On one photo you can see me and her. I cant believe that he has dropped a diamond for playing with a ordinary stone. But s**t happens and life goes on! I only want to warn all the other sensible and honest women out there and the men which maybe would fall of her. Who makes something like this once, will make this an another time because the border is exceeded. Who does not know how chocolate is tasted will never miss the taste. And they both know now how the game taste! She is not only ugly outside, she is also so ugly inside! A girl without proudness and any morality and she has nothing beautiful and special on her. She is just an ordinary girl! Nice greetings from Germany!

Name: Kathryn Alexis Leima
Address: 490 Barnett Shoals Rd APT 239, Athens, GA 30605
Year of Birth: 1991
S*x: Female
Race: White
Weight: 130 lb (59 kg)
Height: 5′ 5″ (1.65 m)

Russell Hodge, Middletown, Virginia

Met this man in July 2014. It was a long distance relationship to start. Drove to Virginia to meet him. Went out and shout pool right off of Millwood Pike in Winchester, VA. Spent the evening together. A few days later, we are talking and he claims his bank account was drained. I Western Unioned him a small sum of money to help him out. Went to see him again the beginning of August. A few red flags started to go off when I noticed his time schedule and suddenly flagging communications. I received a call last week from another woman stating that she was also his seeing him and that she had been contacted by another woman. He claims it was a crazy ex out to ruin his life and she had hacked his Google account and posted old pics of him holding his niece at the hospital. Looking back at the excuses alarms went off. Dummied up a facebook page and friended this woman. And plain as day, there he sits next to her with his newborn son in his arms. Looking back further, seems they have been together for several years. Checked on the web, looks as if I am now the fourth mistress in a year. You cheated on her while she was pregnant! Thats pretty f*****g low! Get some d**n help before you lose everything you value over your p***y.

Brian Rathfelder, Bakersfield, California – You cant trust this guy.

Brian Rathfelder searches internet dating sites like NoStringsAttached and facebook for woman to date for s*x. He has multiple emails and user alias names he goes by PlatoRasta, Ming27, EatYourAssOut, and etc. This man has been a cheater since he was 17.. hes known for beating up women, even his own mom! Just a low down dirty shame, dont have much to say, we met on a NoStringsAttached, He is horrible in bed, cant even keep his d**k hard. All he does is smoke weed and sleep around. Just a guy wanting s*x from Radom women. He gets naked for underage gals and guys What a douchebag, nothing but a stinky a*s and watch out he has something you dont want to catch. He will take whats yours and act like its his. He is a dead beat that lives off of his mommy. You cant trust this guy. He will hurt you. He is abusive and you have been warned. Don’t trust him with money especially, like I said, he steals.

Mary Heney, Toronto, Ontario

This woman walked out on her husband and 2 beautiful children moved hours away from them only to be with a married man she had met online. she has been with several men all married or otherwise involved. even tried to charge 1 with sexual assault. careful guys. she gets off s******g other women s men. I caught her on my man. she met him face to face the first time , and took him into a public washroom of a hotel lobby(neither one could spend the money for a room) and had s*x with him there. from there the adventure continues, coffee shop washrooms behind buildings, on the side of the street from his work. Not once in a bed or in private. Now she has a bf seems like a nice guy but she is still secretly emailing my man. I have all of them. Poor guy she is seeing . She tells my man that when her bf kisses and touches her she pretends its my man.

Shania Rodriguez, Iraan, Texas – HomeWrecking W***e

My husband has been out of town for work and about a month ago, he started acting funny.. Well I recently look at phone records n see HUNDREDS of calls to and from her!! I call the number n sure enough she acted liked a victim.. She didn’t know he was married n all this bullshit. Anyway i take off to where hes at n i start getting disgusting text messages from her saying that in other words she knew he was married and she doesn’t care. Telling me about them having s*x n stuff.. Yea only trash would be proud of that!! Anyway i asked her to meet and she couldn’t show her face! Changed her number n stuff.. I have proof of her n him cheating! Oh n that’s cause she has a baby!! From some other guy.. Hes like 6-7 months old! Shes sick! N a homewrecking w***e! I cant wait for it to bite her in the a*s! I know him and I know what shes in for. LoL she thinks im lying.. Hahahaha poor little girl.. O well she thinks her decisions are wise.. Well then shes gonna have to deal with the consequences!!

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