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Waeljoh Kerteminde

Has a pregnant wife and claims to be single !
Is into transgenders ( he will find you on Instagram where he calls himself #waeljoh or #wgaljohmani ) and masculine women who look like men.
He tells his wife how to dress and to cover completely while he follows and writes to women who show more or less everything on Instagram (waeljoh) Facebook (wg aljohmani) Snapchat (wg25-1)
He will lie to you about everything ! And he will cheat on you too – just like he cheats on his pregnant wife !

Waeljoh #WG Aljohmani #waeel Aljohmani Kerteminde

He will write to you on Snapchat #wg25-1 on Facebook #wgaljohmani on Instagram #waeljoh.
His accounts are all private to avoid his pregnant wife and all the other women he is cheating on to see his pictures and find out whom he writes too.
He works for #stellinikaffe in #Taastrup and lives in #Frederiksberg during the week and in #kerteminde with his pregnant wife on the weekends.
He will write to you and tell you he is single. He Will never ever post pictures of his wife, his children or of you. You are all secrets so he continues being a liar and cheater.
He has #hepatitis and refuser to use a condom. He is a #coffeeroaster at #stellinikaffe and Will send you pictures of his coffee – every single morning. He will send you #EdSheeran quotes. He will send the same to all of you.

Thierry Brouwers Thierry Henri Browers Julien Villiers Thierry Copper Shaman Thierry Hollywood Pompano beach FL

This man is a liar and a cheater. He is on every singles website posting how he wants long term relationships with women while he is still hooking up with the ex girlfriends. Literally texting them while in bed with the ex telling her that they know and don’t care! WHAT??? MY Cheri Jackie do you know??? WHO DOES THAT? Wait a snake in the grass. That was my name by the way.. L***o It’s funny how they use all the same moves and BS lines on each women sucking them in!! HIS PHOTOS ARE PHOTO SHOPPED AND MOST ARE YEARS OLD! His teeth are not as white as the photos or they DO NOT look good up close!
BEWARE LADIES. DON’T FALL VICTIM! He is a smooth talker. He will make you believe he is a Saint and that his life has been ruined my lies. His life is ruined with his OWN LIES and DECEIT! He claims to be a health specialist vegan, yet he eats whatever he wants depending on which women he is trying to impress. He is on the prowl now looking for a place to go. You see he a place by Dec to park his motorcycle and his classic car that he should marry. His mom is returning from out of the country. He lives in his moms condo with his sister and drives his mom car because he works as a server and is filing for bankruptcy.
He basically has nothing to offer. Yes he pays child support only because it is court ordered. He has no relations with either one of his kids. I guess that is a blessing to them because he is certainly not father material. He is very much into himself. I am posting this not for any other reason but to post the TRUTH! You can change your name but you will always be a liar and a cheat.

Maureen Patricia Alfau Cedeno – Fort Campbell KY

Here we have a piece of trash that likes to get involved with engaged and married men. Married men are her favorites and if they are military is a plus. She enjoys to be call the “mistress”. Maureen Patricia Alfau Cedeno is from Dominican Republic, her mom is a SSG in the US Army (her name is Blanca Cedeno) and for this reason she was living in the Fort Hood Tx area (Killeen), Washington Estate, also the area of Fort Leonard Wood MO (St Robert) and at the moment she is living in the area of Fort Campbell KY (Clarksville TN). She likes to party and be involved with any Latino-Hispanic community that she can find. She is a relationship with a Hispanic married military man who is a rank above her mother. If you confront her she will denied, but she post his name initials on her Instagram account, that means that her family and friends knows the true. She has a son that she uses to be look as a good single mother, but that is all fake because she uses him to have the attention of any guy that she sees as a good provider for her and her son specially because she needs the money for her plastic surgeries and her maintenance. She was raised to be a wh*re. She is very active on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter.  She will play as a good person but is not. And if any man is reading this, be careful with the STDs that she carries,
but if you are looking for a night stand call her, her phone number is 573-528-5071.

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