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Jeffery Scott Lee, Florida, United States

Jeff Lee is a member of the Air Force that I met recently while he was traveling. After repeated assurance from him and his friends that he was single, I spent lots of time with him and we instantly connected. This included very personal conversation, meeting for drinks, and multiple nights spent together over the course of about 3 weeks. I found out about his three legged dog, his love for rock music, the tattoo on his chest. The one thing I didn’t find out about until now was his wife. I was devastated to discover after some digging that Jeff had lied to me about his last name and he has actually been married for nearly 3 years. This man is a monster with no remorse for his actions, only for getting caught. And I know for a fact this is not his first time cheating.

Brett Tyler Adams

This lying cheating thieving POS has lied and cheated on me for the last 4 years repeatedly. Manipulates his way back in every time but not this time. Every word he speaks is a lie HE LITERALLY WI F**K YOU OVER AGAIN AND AGAIN IF YOU ARE AS DUMB AS I WAS FOR SO LONG. DRUG DEALING METH HEAD LOSER. ASKS 40 different chics a day to trade snap chat pics has paid prostitutes from Backpage to meet up and f**k Asks black chics if he can give them a body massage with his tongue. Has hooked up and f****d black strippers from the top hat lounge after they get off stage. Always wanting g a s trying to hook up with way you get girls as young as 17 and he is 32. PATHETIC DOPEWHORE LOSER WILL NEVER CHANGE EVER

Danny Carlos Oriolo Sr

This Guy told me he was Single . He dates me asked me to be his girl friend . Tried to move in with me . Lied to me about everything . Who he was his past . He met my family and friend . Told them lies and even ripped them off. Found out he lived with another woman . Everything about him is a lie. After finding out his numerous lies I ran a background check . He is a 2 bit con artist . I feel terrible for the poor woman he is living with .

Gustavo Luna Bismarck Nd USA

Gustavo Luna is a 39 year old Energy Trader that lives in North Dakota. He is 6’2 and bald with glasses. He uses many dating sites including Bumble, E Harmony, Tinder, and Match. He sleeps with hundreds of women, but will act as if he is in a monogamous relationship. He travels frequently to Minneapolis, Atlanta, Miami, and European countries. He stays off of all social media to avoid being caught. He has posted a fake blog under the name of an Asian woman to try to get throw women off the trail. There is a large group of us that discovered his bold face lying and are trying to protect other women from him. He is an excellent, in your face, bold, steady liar. He will come across like a great guy, but he is a sexual addict and has unprotected s*x.

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