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Altovis Broaden-Williams

A married woman who loves to meet me on social media. She lies about her numbers. Tell you your the only one while lying threw her teeth. She loves to play the victim and never takes responsibility for her actions. She has cheated on her husband with 4 random guys in her 10yr marriage. She is the ultimate when it manipulation.

Bri’ahna Robinson

Known gay female but still has s*x with males from time to time!!! Was dating a woman for two years.Then she ended up pregnant, by some man at her job. He didn’t want the baby but she decided to keep the baby by someone she barely knows. She claims she had many abortions before. So she couldn’t get one this time. She sleeps around with multiply people this includes women and men. She doesn’t discriminate, on the gender of the s*x. She has and STD; but she lies about not having it. She has infected both men and women with her STD virus. She broke a*s f**k and she’s looking for someone to take care of her. She’s a lair, cheater and con artist!!!! She’s always looking for new victims so she can use and abuse them. Please, be cautious she is a very sick individual!!

Marsha Garcia Holder

This woman aggressively was quite aggressive and zoned in on my husband right under my nose asking him out for drinks and a BJ until he finally went for it. Of course I expected more of him because did he come to regret getting hook up with this number. Once Marsha gets her hooks in you after a lousy BJ and romp over her lumpy a*s body, she hangs on you with a death grip and thinks shes part owner. She is one delusional, self-centered, lying, no good s**t who thinks what she has is gold when its garbage. This woman is prime and ready to make your life miserable!.

Thomas Onyebuchi Haastrup – 44 years old – Macon, Warner Robins, Atlanta, Nigeria.

Thomas Onyebuchi Haastrup – 44 years old – Macon, Warner Robins, Atlanta, Nigeria.

Consumer Products Limited, engineer and middle ga state college graduate, Thomas Onyebuchi Haastrup is a Nigerian habitual & pathological Liar. Predator. Pervert. Nigerian scammer. Fraud. S*x addict. Nasty. Eats period blood. Takes v****a, Likes orgies & 3sums, likes a**l, Rapist. Theif. Con artist. Extremely lustful, l**t demons, strung out on p***y like a crack head, tinder addict, Dangerous person all ladies run for the hills. No condom s*x. Will rape you. Will get you pregnant. Doesn’t give a f**k. Unsafe. Little d**k. Reckless. Will play with your life and waste your time, baby daddy, needs help, delusional, fake, future faker, obsessed with p***y, lame, 4 cars but no house, narcissist, probably a drug dealer but not sure, criminal, no soul, reprobate, sociopath, says he wants to marry you after the first date and also wants to pressure you into a one night stand, eats p***y fairly well but not the best, carnal, s*x addict, actually really good at s*x, girls smash his cars and steal out his house all his belongings cuz he leaves them there, lies to get p***y, has side chicks, cant be trusted, can’t get p***y by telling the truth, stalker, come on strong at first, african booty scratcher, extreme disappointment cuz you expect a human to not be a complete and total animal, low self esteem, no self respect, probably has STD but hope not since we smashed. Doesn’t love the lord or even give a s**t about anything spiritual. Goes to church for show and has no idea what life is about. Ruining his family life now his son has no family no mommy and daddy because his daddy would rather satisfy his freshly desires than be a good husband to his wife. Can’t keep a woman. Has to go on tinder and trick women just to get a date because he is insecure and empty on the inside. Possibly gay. He’s an animal does not have humanity inside because of His extreme issues, Keeps upsetting His mother because he can’t be a good person but it’s her fault cuz she raised him to be a f**k boy. Has emotional problems, Needs psychological help. Goes hunting on tinder just like he would in the jungles of Africa with a spear but his d**k is the spear, takes v****a, ladies run for the f*****g hills. He also says he’s 39 but he’s 44. He likes crazy chicks. Seeks narcissistic supply. Possibly has borderline personality disorder. Antisocial for sure. No Conscience. No integrity. No morals. Low values. Son of perdition. Father of lawlessness. He’s a true day star. Son of the morning. Tempter. Seducer. Murdering spirit. Eyes like a roaring lion. Dragon. Serpent. Deceived & deceiver. Unclean spirit. Wicked one. Spirit that works in the children of disobedience. Man of lawlessness. Antichrist.

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Rapids Youth Coach 05 Select South / 06 white / 04 Burgundy

This coach is ruining the lives of the parents and kids he coaches. This coach uses Married mom’s , single mom’s and even soccer dad’s. He is sexy , charming and good in bed ! Master Con Artist ! He has s*x with any mom who is willing to have s*x with him, he will then ask you for money and it total I gave 8000 and signed his car in my name because he had feed me lies about how he was homeless and taking care of his sick mom. It’s all lies! He did the same thing in Florida, Kansas, Georgia in all the soccer clubs he has worked at! Be aware if you come across this man because when you fall in love with his lies and sexy charming self and enjoy his amazing s*x believe me you will be the one destroyed , he’ll make sure of it!

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