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Amar Chander Maini Sydney Australia

I’m a waitress and I have been meeting with Amar Chander Maini since 2016. I realized he was engaged to an American girl in 2016. I messaged her on Facebook and she broke the engagement. Apparently now he’s with someone else, I think engagement number 3 or 4, and he’s still two timing me and the latest girls. It’s so frustrating because I thought he was charming since he said he used to be a waiter himself. Come to discover he’s a cheater liar and pathological person. He told me he was younger than his real age and I’m just 21, was 19 when we met. I go to UTS.


Attention !!
I will be grateful for repost !!
To all who are connected with Arkadiusz Brygała from Poland this man lillegally stole my car He is hiding, lying and threatening.
Using the trust of my relatives, and taking advantage of the position that I am abroad and I can’t physically blame it. He came under the cause of help driving the car from Ukraine to Europe. His function was only transporting the car,
in calculating the debt to me. He took the car and documents and transported it to Poland not to Czech republic in Prague , where car needed to be transported. He put it on the sale without my permission.Covered from the very beginning the location of the car and did not say where is the car.. Hi did illegal action and received money for it and came up with the idea that it was stolen, he knew beforehand insurance is not working and he turned off satellite signaling of the car alarm so that I could not detect auto location.
We have already hired a lawyer but it can take a long time to restore justice.
So Please HELP to find my car Black BMW X6 2010,plates number 3AP9073 VIN: WBAFG81040L285252 inform me and police.When he learned that he was being prosecuted he start threatens, slanders , blackmail, blackening my name and my relatives. All his excuses and stories is lies. I ask you not to be indifferent, this can happen to anyone.If you trast somebody who does not have decency and morality, hiding his true identity.
More than 1 year has gonealready since this happened and I still cannot leave the United States for documentary reasons. I lost $ 29,000 and this gangster calmly continues to live for himself without changing and continues to deceive peopl.
Please help restore justice!
All information is true and does not contain anything untrue, does not violate any rights.

W związku z tym że znajduję się obecnie w USA i nie moge wyjeżdzać zę względu na oczekiwanie dokumentów, powierzyłam Panu Arkadiuszu Brygała (nr paszportu EH 42611545 ) samochód dla przewiezienia mojego samochodu z m. Kijów ( Ukraina ) do m.Pragi ( Czechy) . Dostał ode mnie pełnomocnictwo na przewiezienie samochodu z Ukrainy do Europy oraz stawienia do salonu BMW w czechach na sprzedaż, z zobowiązaniem przelania pieniędzy na rachunek firmy Od momentu dotarcia Pana Arkadiusza wraz z w.w. samochodem do m. Warszawy, dnia 4.06.17, został stracony kontakt oraz wszelkie informacje o miejscu znajdowania się samochodu marki BMW serii X6. Samochód nigdy nie dotarł do Czech, żadne pieniądze z tytułu sprzedażu samochodu na konto nie wpłyneły. Z czego wnioskuję, że przez Akadiusza Brygałe zostało popełnione przestępstwo z art. 284 § 2 i przywłaszczoną sobie powierzoną rzecz ruchomą.

Także otrzymano informację że Arkadiusza Brygałe podejrzewano o nielegalną sprzedaż samochodu BMW model X6 XDRIVE 50I, Numer rejestracyjny samochodu:3AP9073, VIN: WBAFG81040L285252 którego nie jest właścicielem i nie ma na to pełnomocnictwa.

Dane о Arkadiusz Brygała
Firma zarejestrowana WSPÓLNA 50a/35, 00-514 WARSZAWA Paszport EH 4261545
Ostatni adres zamieszkania Rajska 5/9
TELEFON +48799052 548
[email protected]

Call me Avery

Caitlyn Lykins is a “transgender” “nonbinary” girl with autism who pushes her Christian, Catholic beliefs onto everyone she knows.
Hides behind anime profile pics. Demoralizes people whose lifestyles she disagrees with. Throws a fit and gets mad with anyone who “uses the wrong pronoun” or tells any joke about trans people.

She says she isn’t a girl yet romanticizes being a wife and mother with whatever sap is sorry enough to get with her.
Her current boyfriend was friends her most recent ex, and the two got together literally the day she broke up with the other guy. Hmmmm… 🤔
Since she has barely any friends IRL, she sticks to long distance, internet relationships.
You can find her on Facebook and Twitter, as those are the only real places she can garner the attention she so desperately craves.
Most of it is religious rants, stale memes and unflattering selfies. Occasionally there’s a well-executed jab at thots, but thots are an easy target and a low hanging fruit; where do you think we are?

Do not be fooled by her cutesy “weeb” facade, Caitlyn (or Avery, as she likes to be called) is a confused brat you shouldn’t waste your time on.

UwU deez nuts, Caitlyn.

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