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Dawn Grambone

I believe her real name is Dawn though she initially stated it was Michelle so I’m not sure but I do know she lives in Wayne NJ with her husband.

Tiesean Randell Curington Dover, Delaware

Finds girls, tells them exactly what they want to hear. Uses them for whatever he can. Very smooth talker. Had more than two girlfriends at one time. I was one of them.
He literally had me one night and her the next until he was caught. He tries so hard to make people love him and just hurts them in the end. Do not get involved you will just get hurt!!

Vic Vega

Keeps sending me random nude pictures of girls, tried to get me to send him nudes then gets angry when you deny him. He clearly is engaged with a child. Disgusting

Mike K Frego

He is a charmer but will break your heart with his cheating ways. He just can’t stop. Preaches the Christian way, but actions don’t match words. 3 ex wives will attest to this.

Anthony Edmund Anderson – Age 36. Henderson NV; Warner Robins GA, Atlanta GA, San Antonio TX – USA

All Females Beware!!! This is a warning and a PSA! Very Dangerous Human Being. This is a warning to all potential victims!

Anthony “Tony” “Spyda” Edmund Anderson from Warner Robins, Georgia is a predator. Has s*x with military enlisted but he is a MAJOR in the US Army Reserves. Extreme abuse (Emotional & Physical), mental illness, lies, double lives, start fights and leave to go cheat, has multiple unprotected s*x partners, potential STD infections, pregnancy & abandonment risk, will take your money, will use you for a place to stay. He will even be sleeping with your next door neighbor. He’s Really bad with money and has a female spirit like Jodi on Baby Boy. He will also need you to help him pay for his 2008 Silver Chevy Silverado to get fixed every time it breaks down. He chooses which females he can get money from because he doesn’t as all women for money just the ones dumb enough to give him their hard earned money like a b***h. I have never seen a generation of male gold diggers. Even if you don’t ask him for anything, he STILL won’t have it! Will abandon you. Severe demonic possession. Carries the mark of the beast 666. Experiments with witchcraft and the occult.

He has 2 phones that look exactly the same. He will let you see his phone and act like hes so free with his phone but thats because it’s not the real phone.

He will LOVE BOMB by saying:
“You are my world”
“I’m Crazy About You”
“You’re My Obsession”
“I’ve Never Felt This Way Before”
“We have many similarities”
“Look how similar we are”

Anthony Edmund Anderson is a 36 year old predator. All females and some males potentially at risk!!! Protect yourself. Here are some of his abuse strategies and tactics.

1. When you suspect his devices he will turn it back on you and point out all your flaws.

2. He will break up with you so that he can leave to go cheat. He will need at least 3 days so that you wont blow his phone up while he is with the next female.

3. Possible homosexual activities.

4. Will get you pregnant so that he can force you into an abortion

5. Initially will act like he wants a baby with you in order to be able to e*******e inside of you.

6. Has period s*x with you so that you will feel bonded but it is actually a demonic ritual to tie your soul to his and he does this with everyone but he will say that he never did anything like this before.

7. Pathologial liar. Has ability to pass a lie detector test due to extreme antisocial tendencies.

8. Writes horrible songs and poems to get you to think he really loves you

9. IS Armed (with community p***s) and Extremely dangerous. He is a w***e-monger. Protect yourself.

10. Triangulates

Words to describe Tony Anderson:
Love addict
S*x Addict
Con Artist

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