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Kathi Elgin adams

Married woman goes after business owners. She laughs at their wives thinks it’s all fun and is proud of her conquests. She will try to get them divorced. She then drains all their savings and moves to the next victim. She operates manly in west County St. Louis and sometimes in the Central West End. She leaves items, stains little hints so the husband gets found out. She herself is also a cheater. Her latest victim is a business owner with small kids. She tried to commit suicide. Kathi bragged that he didn’t visit his wife but was on the phone with her. A loser she called him.

Andrei Korottchenko Criminal and Lawyer at Isaacs and co Toronto Law firm

So… I came across some juicy gossip from a friend who works for a newspaper. I took it upon myself to go visit the superior court of ontario to see the actions filed against him. He has one superior court action and one small claim action. Andrei Korottchenko is being sued for defamation, slander which led to false allegations and arrest. After making a website for his ex-girlfriend defaming her online called Completely breaching his position as a lawyer to release confidential and private information on the website – he started to harass her and destroy her career so she texted him to ask him to stop. She was arrested not him. She had a bail condition not to contact him unless through a legal counsel so she retained a lawyer. She had a retainer agreement and everything and he told the police the lawyer said he was not retained. In court documents, the lawyer states that Andrei was nosy and revengeful and made the defamatory sites in his own opinion and that Andrei would have known that he was retained. Jade was falsely charged and released with a new condition that she can contact him directly now. What an a*****e. Why would he get his ex-girlfriend in trouble with the law like please have some decency. Apparently he forces women into sexual relationships as well not another one… We wish her the best in her civil pursuits because he should NOT be a lawyer. That’s for sure.

michael elaschuk: 42 y/o salesforce, predator

Michael Elaschuk is a Salesforce womanizer and abuser. Recently, a judge ruled that a woman could keep her comments up about him on her website, because the comment was justified. The statement was regarding his abuse towards women and the lifestyle he lives. Michael lives a hidden lifestyle of a Toronto s*x predator who looks for young vulnerable women online. Michael lures them with promises of genuine intent but then he starts to hide you and his social media. He follows p**n stars, escorts and strippers and has them as friends as well. He is also a known drug user who uses E and weed. Michael has abused dozens of women and finally they are getting justice against him in the civil court. I don’t think he will have his porsche for long after his law suits. With the amount of abused women it looks like the debts will be high. Michael was diagnosed with BPD in 2015 and has suffered from behavioural and sexual addictions and issues for years. Michael is dishonest and it would be impossible for any girl to build any kind of meaningful or genuine relationship with him. Michael has been desperate to get the women in trouble who have exposed his wrong doings online. Michael has conspired to commit perjury by filing all kinds of reports, he harasses women, tortures them and defames them online. He is friends with rapists and other men who are similar to him who find it great to abuse women. Major psychopath!!!! He just became an involuntary celebate as well. A friend of mine told me that he now hates women and only uses prostitutes for s*x. This man is obsessed with prostitutes. I never understood how Michael could sleep with women who were paid to do it. He was desperate!

Jason Reed Concord ar

Hes a Male w***e has screwed at least 6 women and bold faced lies. F****d some w***e 2 hours after he f****d me he lol f*****g gross I hope.she tasted me lmao

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