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Brie Esposito

Basic white b***h who tells every guy she meets she is a virgin.
News bulletin: She’s not don’t be fooled.
Don’t fall for her c**p.
She will give you gonorrhoea and her p***y stank.

Robert Baker in Utah

Robert is a liar, a user, and a cheater!! He moved out of Utah with his wife Renee. She puts up with the cheating and is a desperate woman!! They are both disgusting people!!

Rodney Crawford Riner, VA USA

I’ve been seeing this d bag behind his fiancés back. Now I am realizing he really is a phony POS. He thought it was funny to send these awful rude message to her in front of me, even one time calling her and setting the phone down while I was going down on him but calling her a crazy B for accusing him of what she knew she heard in her own home. This guy is a real jerk and has no conscious about him. If he comes your way seeking sympathy about his fiancé being a crazy B and how much he loves her and doesn’t want to hurt her run fast! He doesn’t mind messing around on her in her own home so he must not care to hurt her!

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