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Mitzy, Mexican Quinceañera Fashion designer, is a long time criminal reported to ICE and currently under arrest!!!

Mitzy, a Mexican Quinceañera Fashion designer based in Los Angeles, is a two decades long criminal taking advantage of customers, took their money and never give them the dresses. He is currently under bench warrant for arrest!!! He has also been reported to ICE for possible deportation. Please help spread the words so this criminal will get caught soon to end his decades of shameful crimes.

This c**t criminal is constantly changing his store locations, websites, social media accounts, avoiding phone calls because he got too many people chasing after his s**t.

All these people working with him do the same thing:
Juan Carlos Ortega
Salvador Gomez
Eduardo Chang
Ana Bertha

Websites: Blackmail Attempt posted lies about me and I’m going to subpoena the Registrar for the name, credit card information, and IP of the owner. When I get the information, I’m going to expose their name and the dirty details of how they work, shaking people down. They tried to extort $3000 from me. They said it wasn’t them, but I know you lying. Just because you use Orangewebsite hosting doesn’t mean I won’t find out who you are. You screwed up by using a .org domain. I will get the details, I know the cyber law. I’m an expert. You messed with the wrong person! Your going to be very sorry Cyberextortion criminals. Stay tuned for the news


Im not going to give you ay information I’m politely asking if you take down the post about Samantha Gines please you can keep the post there but at least delete the comments she had nothing to do with any of that and she’s really working to make a living for her self but she can’t if she can not find a better job due to thisnpage I’m not asking to delete your post for publicity all I’m asking is to delete at least the comments please

Brittany Rebeja

Brittany will sleep with anyone to get a step ahead in the business world. She is a liar and an alcoholic. Please stay away from this worthless excuse of a human being. – Just don’t use this company

Just don’t use this company. I needed help with something that i didn’t understand. They offered me no actual help. Just bombarded me with links. Surely their jobo as a customer service line is to do thigns you are not capable of understanding or doing? Worst customer service.

Keller Williams NE Realty – Scammed me with false claims

I was contacted by Victoria Malley from Keller Williams NE Realty. She was polite and said that she received my number through a friend as she was given an indication that I was looking to buy a house. I was, and I did not know who contacted her. She said that the information was confidential as she was asked to keep it that way. But, I was assured that she knew how to keep secret safe even if that can cost a customer. For me, it was a good score. She further told me that her company worked with the Christian Philosophy and in no case, I would be given false or fake information as they stick with the truth. I was convinced, and the credit goes to her. She was the one who was convincing, and it became easier for me to believe her. But, as soon as I made the payment and signed the contract, things changed as if everything she claimed to be was a façade. Victoria is unprofessional, and I have never dealt with someone like her. When I asked her about the FSBO option, she became irritated. That was the first time, I saw her losing her temper. I had not paid by then. That was the reason, I believe, that she controlled her emotions and told me fictional stories about the bad experiences customers had in past. They finally had to ask for her company’s assistance. She knew that I was moving to another city and the deal was important for me. I had my family and my children had school in the town. So, I wanted to settle them before I moved. So, I took her advice and paid her the fee. She asked me to sign the contract and I did not read the terms as she had detailed about it verbally. I did not feel a need for it. But, after I paid, she started ignoring my calls and being rude to me. She was not sure about what she was upto and that lack of knowledge affected a lot of deals, I figured out myself. When I tried to consult her, she became abusive. I asked for a refund which she said was available. But, she denied. She said that our contract never read that. She told me that the money was not refundable even if I did not go with her to find my dream house. Because, the movement was due next month, I had to contact someone else and I finalized the place in less than a week. If that was all it took, why she could not turn any of the leads I got her. Probably she was not interested in helping me out. It is evident that she had a lot of experience, but not into real estate business, but into scamming people through lies and soft words. However, this can not take her to a long way. It is better to stay out of her clutch as she knows how to convince others.

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