Bri’ahna Robinson

Known gay female but still has s*x with males from time to time!!! Was dating a woman for two years.Then she ended up pregnant, by some man at her job. He didn’t want the baby but she decided to keep the baby by someone she barely knows. She claims she had many abortions before. So she couldn’t get one this time. She sleeps around with multiply people this includes women and men. She doesn’t discriminate, on the gender of the s*x. She has and STD; but she lies about not having it. She has infected both men and women with her STD virus. She broke a*s f**k and she’s looking for someone to take care of her. She’s a lair, cheater and con artist!!!! She’s always looking for new victims so she can use and abuse them. Please, be cautious she is a very sick individual!!

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