Anastassia Woodall, Houston, Texas

Anastassia is a liar, cheat, and adulterer. Don’t let the cute accent from Russia fool you. She is a narcissistic cheater with kids from multiple men. She cheated on her (now ex) husband with a guy she met while attending college (that her husband was paying for). She was doing the nasty with him in her and her husband’s house (nice touch). The guy she was having s*x with is Craig Blanchfield. Craig was also married, and in fact, they were having s*x while his wife was at home taking care of their newborn baby (scumbag, right?). Anyway, Karma has a way of catching up with trash like Anastassia. See the mugshot of her DUI arrest just a couple months after her husband left her after finding out she was cheating. LOL!

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