Alexis Latrice Carter

Charlotte, Monroe, Florence and surrounding areas- look the f**k out!!! This b***h is sorry as f**k!! She tries to floss on social media like she got it and she ain’t got s**t!! Go to Mecklenburg county website…this b***h stay getting served eviction papers. This b*m b***h can’t even keep a roof over her head. She is only surviving if she’s depending on a MAN…this b***h has never been INDEPENDENT. The words to Kanye song- all falls down…is this b***h. She’s a college dropout out, f****d credit, ain’t got s**t. Don’t believe the lies Facebook, Instagram- none of it. Call herself a business woman with a orange wig looking like a troll. B***h ain’t nothing but a store mgr. She’s a wanna be boujee. She wants the luxury lifestyle but can’t afford to live that type lifestyle. She’s a b*m b***h! Look out!!

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